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British Comedies On Air Now

A League Of Their Own

A League Of Their Own

Returns: Fri 29th Aug @ 9pm, Sky1.

Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Jack Whitehall join forces with Che... Guide

Almost Royal

Almost Royal

Next on: Sun 31st Aug @ 10pm, E4.

True Brits Georgie and Poppy have arrived in a very chilled ... Guide  Catch-Up

The Alternative Comedy Experience

Alternative Comedy Experience, The

Next on: Tue 2nd Sep @ 1am, Comedy Central.

Tonight's show features alternative comedy legend Kevin McAleer, plus ac... Guide

BBC New Comedy Award

BBC New Comedy Award

Returns: Fri 12th Sep @ 10:30pm, BBC R4E.

Nearly 800 budding stand-ups applied. Hear how some of the contestants g... Guide

Big School

Big School

Returns: Fri 29th Aug @ 9:30pm, BBC1.

A new year is starting at Greybridge, and Miss Postern intends to kick i... Guide



Next on: Fri 29th Aug @ 9pm, BBC1.

Thurnemouth Day comes once a year; it's when the town puts o... Guide  Catch-Up

The Brig Society

Brig Society, The

Next on: Fri 29th Aug @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Marcus has decided to form his own religion, based on peace,... Guide  Catch-Up

Celebrity Juice

Celebrity Juice

Returns: Thu 11th Sep @ 9pm, ITV2.

Keith, Holly and Fearne return for another series of ludicrous games, ou... Guide

The Cold Swedish Winter

Cold Swedish Winter, The

Next on: Mon 1st Sep @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

Linda and Geoff throw a house-warming party at cross purpose... Guide  Catch-Up

Comic Fringes

Comic Fringes

Next on: Sun 31st Aug @ 7:45pm, Radio 4.

A short story by satirist John O'Farrell. It's an irreverent... Guide  Catch-Up



Returns: Wed 24th Sep @ 10pm, Dave.

Vic Reeves reads In Space No One Can Hear You Clean, and the late Rik Ma... Guide



Next on: Thu 28th Aug @ 10pm, BBC3.

Ken and Dale take a trip into town and bump into Ken's forme... Guide  Catch-Up

Damn The Torpedoes!

Damn The Torpedoes!

Returns: Fri 29th Aug @ 6:30pm, BFBS Radio.

Military themed radio sketch show for the British Forces Broadcasting Se... Guide

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodish

Dave Gorman: Modern Life Is Goodis...

Returns: Tue 9th Sep @ 9pm, Dave.

Dave Gorman shreds some naughty magazines and helps a gerbil fulfill its... Guide

Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers

Next on: Wed 3rd Sep @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

The classic and award-winning impressions show is back for t... Guide  Catch-Up

Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Duck Quacks Don't Echo

Returns: Mon 1st Sep @ 8pm, Sky1.

Lee Mack is joined by Got to Dance host Davina McCall, comedian Paddy Mc... Guide

Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live

Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live

Returns: Thu 28th Aug @ 9pm, BBC3.

Kevin Bridges introduces acts including Lucy Beaumont, James Acaster and... Guide

Fighting Talk

Fighting Talk

Next on: Sat 30th Aug @ 11am, Five Live.

Josh Widdicombe hosts as a panel of experts try to win point... Guide  Catch-Up

The Football's On

Football's On, The

Next on: Fri 29th Aug @ 10pm, BT Sport.

Ian Stone takes a humorous look at the week's big football stories with ... Guide



Broadcasts: Fri 5th Sep @ 11pm, BBC3.

Sitcom pilot set in a fried chicken shop. Guide  Catch-Up

The Guns Of Adam Riches

Guns Of Adam Riches, The

Next on: Tue 2nd Sep @ 11pm, Radio 4.

The tale of Victor Legit, a supermarket store detective whos... Guide  Catch-Up



Next on: Wed 27th Aug @ 11pm, Radio 4.

Dan Antopolski, Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema combine their talents to pi... Guide



Broadcasts: Fri 29th Aug @ 11pm, BBC3.

Sitcom pilot set around a flat. Co-written by and starring J... Guide  Catch-Up

Just A Minute

Just A Minute

Next on: Mon 1st Sep @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Gyles Brandreth, Stephen Mangan, Tony Hawks and Kerry Godlim... Guide  Catch-Up

The Last Leg

Last Leg, The

Next on: Fri 29th Aug @ 10pm, C4.

John Bishop is the guest booked this week to join Adam, Alex... Guide  Catch-Up

The Leak

Leak, The

Starts: Fri 5th Sep @ 6:30pm, Radio Wales.

Tom Price and guests from the world of comedy and entertainment review t... Guide

Little Lifetimes By Jenny Eclair

Little Lifetimes By Jenny Eclair

Next on: Wed 27th Aug @ 11:15pm, Radio 4.

A lonely woman takes a peek into other people's properties a... Guide  Catch-Up

Micky Flanagan: Back In The Game

Micky Flanagan: Back In The Game

Broadcasts: Fri 29th Aug @ 9pm, C4.

East End comic Micky Flanagan returns with his second, highly anticipate... Guide

Mock The Week

Mock The Week

Returns: Thu 11th Sep @ 10pm, BBC2.

After an August break to make way for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Moc... Guide

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant

Returns: Tue 16th Sep @ 9pm, Sky Living.

Domestic life is far from quiet for the residents of Manchester's Mount ... Guide



Returns: Thu 25th Sep @ 10:30pm, BBC R4E.

The topical sketch show returns. Guide

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy

Next on: Thu 28th Aug @ 10pm, E4.

Noel has until the end of the episode to boost the ratings f... Guide  Catch-Up

The Now Show

Now Show, The

Returns: Fri 12th Sep @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Steve Punt is joined by Terry Mynott, David Quantick, Mitch Benn, Laura ... Guide

Parents' Evening

Parents' Evening

Broadcasts: Fri 12th Sep @ 11:25pm, BBC3.

Comedy pilot set at a school parents' evening starring Kayva... Guide  Catch-Up

Passing On

Passing On

Next on: Fri 29th Aug @ 6:30pm, Radio Wales.

Matthew goes to his first music festival. Guide  Catch-Up

The Perfect Morecambe & Wise

Perfect Morecambe & Wise, The

Returns: Fri 29th Aug @ 10pm, BBC2.

Eric and Ernie conduct a scientific lecture with a paper bag, keep an ap... Guide

The Show What You Wrote

Show What You Wrote, The

Next on: Thu 28th Aug @ 11pm, Radio 4.

Another episode of the themed sketch show made entirely from... Guide  Catch-Up



Next on: Thu 28th Aug @ 10:30pm, BBC3.

Dan has finally booked himself in for an appointment at the ... Guide  Catch-Up

Sunday Night At The Palladium

Sunday Night At The Palladium

Starts: Sun 7th Sep @ 8pm, ITV.

Variety series presenting the best British and international entertainme... Guide

Through The Keyhole

Through The Keyhole

Returns: Sat 30th Aug @ 9:25pm, ITV.

Keith Lemon is back with a second series of Through The Keyhole. On this... Guide

Tom Wrigglesworth Utterly At Odds With The Universe

Tom Wrigglesworth Utterly At Odds ...

Broadcasts: Wed 10th Sep @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Stand-up show in which Tom Wrigglesworth talks about the relationship wi... Guide



Returns: Wed 3rd Sep @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

Gyles Brandreth and Natalie Haynes are joined by Lloyd Langford, Holly W... Guide

Full List of British Comedies





  • Demob
  • Demobbed [Film]
  • Demon Cakestand Of Beastley Chase, The [Radio]
  • Dennis The Menace & Gnasher
  • Denny Willis Show, The
  • Dentist In The Chair [Film]
  • Dentist On The Job [Film]
  • Department, The [Radio]
  • Derek
  • Derek And Clive Get The Horn [Film]
  • Des
  • Des O'Connor Entertains
  • Des O'Connor On Stage
  • Des O'Connor Show, The
  • Des Res [Radio]
  • Desert Mice [Film]
  • Desmond Olivier Dingle's Compleat Life And Works Of William Shakespeare By Desmond Olivier Dingle [Radio]
  • Desmond's
  • Desperate Fishwives [Radio]
  • Desperate Fishwives
  • Desperately Seeking Roger
  • Detective Sergeant Nick Mohammed [Radio]
  • Detectives, The
  • Detectorists
  • Development [Radio]
  • Devenish
  • Devvo
  • Dharma And Greg
  • Dial Doris [Radio]
  • Dial M For Pizza [Radio]
  • Dial RIX
  • Diamond Geezer
  • Diana Dors Show, The
  • Diary Of A Twentieth Century Vampire, The [Radio]
  • Dick And Dom's Funny Business
  • Dick Emery - The Comedy Of Errors? [Radio]
  • Dick Emery Comedy Hour, The
  • Dick Emery Hour, The
  • Dick Emery Show, The
  • Dick Emery Special, The
  • Dick Emery's Grand Prix
  • Dick Gregory
  • Dick Lester Show, The
  • Dick Shawn Show, The
  • Dick Whittington
  • Dickie Henderson Half-Hour, The
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1957)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1960)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1966)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1971)
  • Dickie Valentine
  • Dickie Valentine Show, The
  • Did You See Una?
  • Dig This Rhubarb
  • Digance At Work
  • Digance In A Field Of His Own
  • Digance In Scotland
  • Dilemma [Radio]
  • Dinner Ladies [Radio]
  • Dinner Party, The
  • dinnerladies
  • Director's Commentary
  • Dirk Gently
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency [Radio]
  • Dirtiest Soldier In The World, The
  • Dirty Digest
  • Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Discord In Three Flats [Radio]
  • Dishonest To Goodness [Radio]
  • Disorderly Room, The
  • Divided We Stand
  • Divorce Of Lady X, The [Film]
  • Dizzy Heights
  • DNN
  • Do Go On [Radio]
  • Do Me A Favour!
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me [Radio]
  • Do You Know Who Wrote This? [Radio]
  • Dobson Doughnut, The
  • Doc Martin
  • Dock Brief, The [Film]
  • Doctor At Large [Radio]
  • Doctor At Large [Film]
  • Doctor At Large
  • Doctor At Sea [Film]
  • Doctor At Sea
  • Doctor At The Top
  • Doctor Down Under
  • Doctor In Charge
  • Doctor In Clover [Film]
  • Doctor In Distress [Film]
  • Doctor In Love [Film]
  • Doctor In The House [Radio]
  • Doctor In The House [Film]
  • Doctor In The House
  • Doctor In Trouble [Film]
  • Doctor On The Go
  • Doctor Who Night
  • Doctors + Nurses
  • Doctors' Daughters
  • Documental
  • Dodd On His Todd
  • Doddy!
  • Doddy's Comic Cuts [Radio]
  • Doddy's Daft Half Hour [Radio]














  • Quartet [Film]
  • Queen Of Hearts [Film]
  • Queen Of Romance, The [Radio]
  • Queen Victoria Ate My Hamster [Radio]






  • Very World Of Milton Jones, The [Radio]
  • Vexed
  • Vic And Bob's Lucky Sexy Winners
  • Vic And Bob's Popadoodledandy
  • Vic Reeves Big Night Out
  • Vic Reeves Examines
  • Vic Reeves' House Arrest [Radio]
  • Vicar Of Dibley, The
  • Vice Versa [Film]
  • Vicious
  • Victor Borge In Concert
  • Victor Borge Presents... Comedy In Music
  • Victor Lewis-Smith [Radio]
  • Victor/Victoria [Film]
  • Victoria At The Albert
  • Victoria Wood
  • Victoria Wood As Seen On TV
  • Victoria Wood Live
  • Victoria Wood Special - Wetty Hainthropp Investigates, The
  • Victoria Wood Still Standing
  • Victoria Wood With All The Trimmings





  • Zeta One [Film]
  • Zig And Zag Show, The
  • Zig And Zag's Dirty Deeds
  • Zimbani


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