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British Comedies On Air Now

4 O'Clock Club

4 O'Clock Club

Next on: Wed 22nd Apr @ 5pm, CBBC.

When the school play looks like being cancelled Nero gets an... Guide  Catch-Up

8 Out Of 10 Cats

8 Out Of 10 Cats

Back soon for a new series.

Topical Channel 4 comedy panel show hosted by Jimmy Carr. The questions ... Guide

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Alan Carr: Chatty Man

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 10pm, C4.

Alan Carr welcomes property gurus Kirstie Allsopp and Phil S... Guide  Catch-Up

The Alternative Vote

Alternative Vote, The

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 7pm, Absolute.

Comedy show for Absolute Radio in which Matt Forde asks comedians what t... Guide

Ballot Monkeys

Ballot Monkeys

Starts: Tue 21st Apr @ 10pm, C4.

Topical sitcom filmed during the 2015 election campaign. Created by the ... Guide

Best Behaviour

Best Behaviour

Starts: Thu 7th May @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Holly Walsh hosts the Radio 4 panel show which is devoted to clarifying ... Guide

The Casebook Of Max And Ivan

Casebook Of Max And Ivan, The

Next on: Tue 21st Apr @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Max and Ivan investigate a spate of sporting injuries. With ... Guide  Catch-Up

Celebrity Juice

Celebrity Juice

Next on: Thu 23rd Apr @ 10pm, ITV2.

Guests include Pointless creator and co-presenter Richard Os... Guide  Catch-Up

Celebrity Squares

Celebrity Squares

Next on: Sun 26th Apr @ 7:15pm, ITV.

In episode two, Warwick, Tim and Joe and joined by comedy du... Guide  Catch-Up

Chat Show Roulette

Chat Show Roulette

Next on: Thu 23rd Apr @ 11pm, Radio 4.

Justin's guests are Pippa Evans, Hugh Dennis, Robert Popper ... Guide  Catch-Up

Dave's Election Night Special

Dave's Election Night Special

Broadcasts: Thu 7th May @ 10pm, Dave.

One-off documentary following Al Murray as he campaigns in the 2015 Gene... Guide

Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Satire meets silliness in the flagship comedy for hard-worki... Guide  Catch-Up

Deborah Frances-White Rolls The Dice

Deborah Frances-White Rolls The Di...

Next on: Mon 20th Apr @ 11:30am, Radio 4.

Deborah Frances-White tells the true story of her teenage ye... Guide  Catch-Up

Decline And Fall

Decline And Fall

Starts: Sun 26th Apr @ 3pm, Radio 4.

Jeremy Front dramatises Evelyn Waugh's darkly comic 1920s romp, with a h... Guide

The Delivery Man

Delivery Man, The

Next on: Wed 22nd Apr @ 9:30pm, ITV.

A 'double dad' has to rush between the bedsides of two expec... Guide  Catch-Up



Next on: Mon 20th Apr @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Sue Perkins is joined by comedians Jo Brand and Michael Legg... Guide  Catch-Up

The Dog Ate My Homework

Dog Ate My Homework, The

A current comedy programme.

School themed panel show for CBBC hosted by Iain Stirling Guide  Catch-Up

Fighting Talk

Fighting Talk

Next on: Sat 25th Apr @ 11am, Five Live.

Fighting Talk is the panel show where guests try to win poin... Guide  Catch-Up

The Football's On

Football's On, The

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 10pm, BT Sport 1.

Ian Stone returns with more football chat. Guide

The Good, The Bad And The Unexpected

Good, The Bad And The Unexpected, ...

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 1:30pm, Radio Scot.

Julia Sutherland is joined by comedians Jo Caulfield, Ray Br... Guide  Catch-Up

The Graham Norton Show

Graham Norton Show, The

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 10:35pm, BBC1.

Graham returns with a brand new series. Guide  Catch-Up

Have I Got News For You

Have I Got News For You

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 9:30pm, BBC1.

Ian Hislop and Paul Merton are joined by another guest host ... Guide  Catch-Up

Inside No. 9

Inside No. 9

Next on: Thu 23rd Apr @ 10pm, BBC2.

It is Nana's special day: it isn't every day you get to be 7... Guide  Catch-Up

Jack Dee's Election Helpdesk

Jack Dee's Election Helpdesk

Next on: Mon 20th Apr @ 10pm, BBC2.

Comedy talkshow in which Jack Dee helps his studio audience ... Guide  Catch-Up

The Last Leg

Last Leg, The

Returns: Thu 23rd Apr @ 10pm, C4.

After Alex Brooker fired the starting gun in the race to rid political c... Guide

The Leak

Leak, The

Next on: Fri 24th Apr @ 6:30pm, Radio Wales.

Tom Price and guests from the world of comedy and entertainm... Guide  Catch-Up

Murder In Successville

Murder In Successville

Starts: Mon 27th Apr @ 10pm, BBC3.

Hybrid comedy format about a fictional town brimming with celebrities. T... Guide



Next on: Wed 22nd Apr @ 9pm, ITV.

More animated satire from the Newzoids. Guide  Catch-Up

The Now Show

Now Show, The

Next on: Wed 22nd Apr @ 11pm, Radio 4.

Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, with the help of Jon Holmes, Pip... Guide  Catch-Up

Peter Kay's Car Share

Peter Kay's Car Share

Starts: Wed 29th Apr @ 9:30pm, BBC1.

BBC sitcom about two workers thrown together in a company car share sche... Guide

Play To The Whistle

Play To The Whistle

Next on: Sat 25th Apr @ 9:15pm, ITV.

On this week's show, team captains Frank Lampard and Bradley... Guide  Catch-Up

Raised By Wolves

Raised By Wolves

Next on: Mon 20th Apr @ 10pm, C4.

Germaine drags a reluctant Aretha and Yoko to legendary nigh... Guide  Catch-Up

Ross Noble Freewheeling

Ross Noble Freewheeling

Next on: Tue 21st Apr @ 10pm, Dave.

Inspired insanity with the biking Geordie. Where else on TV would you se... Guide

Russell Howard's Stand Up Central

Russell Howard's Stand Up Central

Starts: Wed 29th Apr, Comedy Central.

Stand-up show for Comedy Central hosted by Russell Howard. Guide

Tim FitzHigham: The Gambler

Tim FitzHigham: The Gambler

Next on: Wed 22nd Apr @ 6:30pm, Radio 4.

Adventurer and comedian Tim FitzHigham tries to recreate ano... Guide  Catch-Up

Top Coppers

Top Coppers

Starts: Tue 26th May, BBC3.

Action comedy spoofing police detective shows. John Kearns and Steen Ras... Guide

Virtually Famous

Virtually Famous

Next on: Mon 20th Apr @ 10pm, E4.

Kevin McHale, Seann Walsh and Chris Stark are joined by Stac... Guide  Catch-Up



Returns: Thu 23rd Apr @ 9pm, BBC2.

A one hour special marks the return of the award winning comedy about th... Guide

You, Me & Them

You, Me & Them

Next on: Wed 22nd Apr @ 10pm, Gold.

Tensions fly when Keith's handyman skills see Ed and Lauren needing to s... Guide


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  • Demob
  • Demobbed [Film]
  • Demon Cakestand Of Beastley Chase, The [Radio]
  • Denmark Hill [Radio]
  • Dennis The Menace & Gnasher
  • Denny Willis Show, The
  • Dentist In The Chair [Film]
  • Dentist On The Job [Film]
  • Department, The [Radio]
  • Derek
  • Derek And Clive Get The Horn [Film]
  • Des
  • Des O'Connor Entertains
  • Des O'Connor On Stage
  • Des O'Connor Show, The
  • Des Res [Radio]
  • Desert Mice [Film]
  • Desmond Olivier Dingle's Compleat Life And Works Of William Shakespeare By Desmond Olivier Dingle [Radio]
  • Desmond's
  • Desperate Fishwives [Radio]
  • Desperate Fishwives
  • Desperately Seeking Roger
  • Detective Sergeant Nick Mohammed [Radio]
  • Detectives, The
  • Detectorists
  • Development [Radio]
  • Devenish
  • Devvo
  • Dharma And Greg
  • Dial Doris [Radio]
  • Dial M For Pizza [Radio]
  • Dial RIX
  • Diamond Geezer
  • Diana Dors Show, The
  • Diary Of A Badman
  • Diary Of A Twentieth Century Vampire, The [Radio]
  • Dick And Dom's Funny Business
  • Dick Emery - The Comedy Of Errors? [Radio]
  • Dick Emery Comedy Hour, The
  • Dick Emery Hour, The
  • Dick Emery Show, The
  • Dick Emery Special, The
  • Dick Emery's Grand Prix
  • Dick Gregory
  • Dick Lester Show, The
  • Dick Shawn Show, The
  • Dick Whittington
  • Dickie Henderson Half-Hour, The
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1957)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1960)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1966)
  • Dickie Henderson Show, The (1971)
  • Dickie Valentine
  • Dickie Valentine Show, The
  • Did You See Una?
  • Diddy Movies
  • Dig This Rhubarb
  • Digance At Work
  • Digance In A Field Of His Own
  • Digance In Scotland
  • Dilemma [Radio]
  • Dinner Ladies [Radio]
  • Dinner Party, The
  • dinnerladies
  • Director's Commentary
  • Dirk Gently
  • Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency [Radio]
  • Dirtiest Soldier In The World, The
  • Dirty Digest
  • Dirty Sexy Funny: Olivia Lee
  • Dirty Tricks
  • Dirty Work [Film]
  • Discord In Three Flats [Radio]
  • Dishonest To Goodness [Radio]
  • Disorderly Room, The
  • Divided We Stand
  • Divorce Of Lady X, The [Film]
  • Dizzy Heights
  • Django Away! [Film]
  • DNN
  • Do Go On [Radio]
  • Do Me A Favour!
  • Do Not Adjust Your Set
  • Do Not Go Mental [Film]
  • Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me [Radio]
  • Do You Know Who Wrote This? [Radio]
  • Dobson Doughnut, The
  • Doc Martin
  • Dock Brief, The [Film]
  • Doctor At Large [Radio]
  • Doctor At Large [Film]
  • Doctor At Large
  • Doctor At Sea [Film]
  • Doctor At Sea
  • Doctor At The Top
  • Doctor Down Under
  • Doctor In Charge
  • Doctor In Clover [Film]
  • Doctor In Distress [Film]
  • Doctor In Love [Film]
  • Doctor In The House [Radio]
  • Doctor In The House [Film]
  • Doctor In The House
  • Doctor In Trouble [Film]
  • Doctor On The Go
  • Doctor Who Night
  • Doctors + Nurses
  • Doctors' Daughters
  • Documental
  • Dodd On His Todd
  • Doddy!
  • Doddy's Comic Cuts [Radio]
  • Doddy's Daft Half Hour [Radio]














  • Quartet [Film]
  • Queen And Country [Film]
  • Queen Of Hearts [Film]
  • Queen Of Romance, The [Radio]
  • Queen Victoria Ate My Hamster [Radio]










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