Half Man Standing. Paul Carter. Copyright: Little Man Media.

Half Man Standing

London Live documentary / stand-up. 1 episode in 2014. Features Paul Carter, Mark Dolan and Steve Day.

Half Man Standing

Documentary following Paul Carter, a man born without arms or legs, as he works towards performing a 5 minute set at The Comedy Store

Documentary, Stand-Up
London Live
Paul Carter, Mark Dolan and Steve Day
Paul Carter
Jack Burnford
Adam Hunt

Half Man Standing follows Paul Carter's journey of becoming a stand-up comedian in just two weeks. Born without arms or legs, Paul has set himself the task of writing and performing a five minute set at The Comedy Store that has nothing to do with his disability.

With the help of established comedian Mark Dolan and experienced disabled comedian and Steve Day, Paul learns how to create, generate material and write jokes.

Using a video diary, throughout his journey we see Paul's fears and serious doubts as to whether or not he's going to be able to pull this off. Is he making a massive mistake?

With support from family and friends and Mark Dolan, will Paul achieve what he set out to do? Will he be happy with this own set? Will people laugh at him or with him? Will this experience change his perceptions others have of him?

London Live Commissioner Derren Lawford says: "London has a thriving and competitive stand-up comedy scene. With world class acts performing every single night in London, standards are high and Paul Carter's challenge is by no means easy! A unique insight into comedy and disability, Half Man Standing makes for wonderful viewing."

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First broadcast
Sunday 1st June 2014 on London Live at 7pm
Episode length
1 hour
Last repeat
Thursday 19th June 2014 at 8:00pm