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New book by Ian Pattison imagines Scotland's future after Yes vote

Scotland has narrowly voted for independence, the virus is still with us in its endlessly multiplying variants, army trucks trundle through the streets and Chinook helicopters rattle above while the jobless roast rats in the street. It's the near future as imagined in a new dystopian book by Glasgow-based author, Ian Pattison, the creator of the BBC network comedy, Rab C Nesbitt.

Maggie Ritchie, The Herald, 29th November 2021

Book review: Jimmy Carr - Before & Laughter

Over the last twenty years, he has been one of our best and most consistent comedians. A great biography will probably be published about him one day. But I suspect it won't be written by him.

Chris Hallam, Chris Hallam's World View, 29th November 2021

Jack Dee: comedy's resident grouch on becoming an agony uncle

One of Jack Dee's guilty pleasures is reading agony aunt columns. "I seek them out," says the laconic stand-up and veteran of British comedy. "I've always been intrigued by the different nature of the problems people write in about. And also by self-help books. I read a lot of them."

The Irish Examiner, 28th November 2021

11 best comedy books 2021

The country hasn't lost its sense of humour -- this year has seen a mini-boom in books by comedians.

Dominic Maxwell and Matt Rudd, The Times, 27th November 2021

Jack Dee: comedy's resident grouch on becoming an agony uncle

The comedian turns advice columnist in his new book. His key message? We should all take a deep breath. Ed Power finds out more.

Ed Power, The Irish Examiner, 27th November 2021

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