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BCG is run by just two comedy fans from modest backgrounds, Mark and Aaron. We're not part of a media conglomerate, nor have any other external backing. Advertising covers some basic costs but it doesn't meet our bills, and doesn't give us the funds needed to invest in creating all the content we'd love to publish.

That's why we're asking if you'd consider donating whatever you can, either as a one-off or on a recurring basis: so that British Comedy Guide can not only continue, but expand to cover even more comedy.

What we'll do with your donation

Your donation will keep British Comedy Guide alive and fund new content

Additional news gathering
Additional news gathering
Completing guides to archive comedies
Completing guides to archive comedies
More feature articles
More feature articles
New regular weekly columns
New regular weekly columns
Interactive features, like quizzes
More interactive features
More events covered
More events covered
Exclusive video content
Exclusive video content
Comedy club listings
Comedy club listings
BCG mobile apps
BCG mobile apps

To say thanks for your donation we offer a set of exclusive additional benefits

See more content
See more content

See extended information views, including unrestricted access to over 60,000 archive press clippings; 15,000+ videos; years of TV ratings data, and more.

Extended schedules and filters
Extended schedules

Get unrestricted access to our full TV and radio listings database: see two weeks ahead, and browse back to the birth of broadcast comedy in the early 20th Century. Plus: genre and channel filters.

Search tools
Search tools

BCG Supporters also get more advanced search tools. Find information in and cross-reference our database of over one million records.

Fewer adverts
Fewer adverts

You've done your bit by becoming a BCG Supporter, so we'll show you fewer adverts on the website.

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Supporters can opt to subscribe to our daily email summary and thus never miss a thing again. The past 24 hours of news, interviews, features and reviews from around the web; plus the coming day's TV and radio listings; in your inbox at 6am.


Our prize draw, exclusive to our supporters, offers a fresh bundle of goodies each month, with prizes including stand-up DVDs, books, films, TV series, Blu-rays, and the occasional exclusive novelty.

First Look
First look access

As a BCG Supporter, you can have a say on what you'd like us to cover. You'll also get first-look access to some of our new features too (starting with our 50,000 new people profiles).

BCG lapel pin badge
Lapel pin badge

We've created these lovely full-colour, chrome lapel pin badges. We'll show our gratitude for any particularly generous donations - £10 or more - by sending you one for free, to wear with pride.

British Comedy Guide is run independently, with no rich investors, financial support or other external funding. We love comedy and want to continue celebrating it: with your help, British Comedy Guide can continue doing just that. Your donation will secure BCG for the future and enable us to expand and do even more.

To thank Supporters for donating, we offer a number of additional benefits on top of what website visitors normally get. You can find out more about these features in the next section on this page.

As a Supporter, not only will you be helping to celebrate and promote British comedy, but we'll give you first-look access and consultation opportunities on new features of the site too, and keep you updated each month with just how your money is being used.

We have a collection of special bonus features to say thank you to those who are supporting us: it's British Comedy Guide that you know and love, but with a little extra on top. For example, supporters can see further ahead in our TV schedule system, view more archive data from our databases, and subscribe to a daily news update email. A full list of perks can be read below.

BCG Supporters can access all the extra benefits for as long as they have an active, recurring donation plan. Alternatively, for those opting to make a one-off donation, we grant one month's access to the benefits per £1 donated (up to a maximum of one year).

As an added bonus to thank those people who make a particularly generous donation, we have some chrome lapel pin badges bearing our logo. We can send one to any postal address, worldwide. To get your badge, you just need to donate £10. You could do this in one go, or build up to £10 via a recurring donation or multiple one-off donations (we'll keep track of your donation history for you).

List of Supporter Benefits

As a Supporter, you'll get all of these benefits:

  • BCG Supporter icon added to your user profile and forum posts.
  • No more adverts at the top of the page (when signed in to your BCG account).
  • Entry into a competition prize draw exclusive to BCG Supporters - one winner each month will be randomly selected from the pool of BCG Supporters who are opted in to the prize draw. The winner will be posted a bundle of comedy-related items. Each month's prize package will be different, but usually comprises of items like stand-up DVDs, books, films, TV series, Blu-rays, and the occasional novelty. Please email us if you wish to know what this month's prize bundle will consist of.
  • Option to subscribe to an email newsletter exclusive to Supporters. On the first day of each month, we email an update on what we have funded with the donation money and our next plans. These emails often contain a chance for you to offer feedback on plans and shape what direction BCG should take next.
  • View ratings via BCG Daily.
  • View projects each broadcaster has in development.
  • View a list of non-broadcast pilots in development for each year.
  • View a list of pilots in development for television and radio.
  • View a list of films in development.
  • Filter comedy lists by productions new in a given year.
  • See non-broadcast programmes and pilots in development on comedy lists.
  • View location details and recording dates.
  • View broadcast ratings details.
  • View episodic ratings.
  • View episodic recording details.
  • View more and older press clippings in programme guides.
  • View further press clippings pages elsewhere on the site.
  • Get first-look access to new data and features as we develop them.
  • View archive schedule pages back to the start of 1941.
  • View an extra week ahead in TV and radio schedules.
  • Filter schedules by genre.
  • Filter schedules by channel.
  • Advanced functions to search our expansive press database.
  • Look up common credits of two given people.
  • Search our expansive database of character names.
  • Search for particular episode titles.
  • Sign up to the BCG Daily Newsletter, featuring a summary of the main news and articles across the web, plus videos and TV and radio schedules (launching soon).
  • Get a bonus five extra (harder) questions in each of our weekly quizes.

Additionally, anyone who donates £10 or more, can request a free metal pin badge. We will post this worldwide - request it via your account. If you set up a recurring monthly donation or make several one-off donations, you will still be able to request a badge when the cumulative total of your donations reaches £10.

Legally, we have to point out that the extra benefits are provided at British Comedy Guide's discretion and may be removed, changed, or - more likely - added to at any point without notice. All additional data such as ratings and recording information are subject to availability.