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BCG is the world's most-visited website about British comedy. More than 900,000 people visit BCG each month, making us ideally placed to amplify your message to the young - and young at heart.

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On-site advertising

With geo-targeting, our billboard (970x250) and MPU (300x250) slots - optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile - will make sure your advert is seen by your target audience.

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Social media

We can arrange direct mentions on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts; reaching up to 140,000 comedy fans directly, and many hundreds of thousands more through sharing.

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Newsletter adverts

Our main weekly newsletter arrives in more than 26,000+ inboxes every Monday, whilst a separate Shop newsletter is sent every other Friday. A choice of two prominent advert slots in these emails ensure high visibility to our comedy-hungry readers.

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Feature content

We can produce high-impact editorial content to link in with your campaign in any of a number of formats. Popular options include interviews and preview articles.

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User engagement

We can facilitate other highly-engaging promotional activity such as awareness-raising competitions, interactive features, seeding comedy videos, and more.

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We have sponsorship opportunities available for interested brands, both site-wide and for specific sections (e.g. our Awards and Edinburgh Fringe coverage).

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Other activity

Got something else in mind to serve your campaign? We're happy to discuss all suggestions and possibilities.

Success. Proved.

Our track record is proven in delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. We've worked with brands and organisations ranging from the Reading and Leeds Festivals to Costa Coffee; venues Soho Theatre and London's Barbican Centre; TV channel Dave and countless other festivals, PR agencies and comedy promoters. Many return time and time again, booking campaigns months in advance for West End runs, DVD releases, and much more. Just a handful are pictured below.


We offer flexible pricing and advertising options to match all budgets, timescales and campaign requirements. We've compiled our most popular options into a number of easy-to-compare packages, below. All prices exclude VAT. Discounts are available for individuals and small businesses.

Package 1


  • Banner advertising

Package 2


  • Banner advertising
  • Social media promotion ( )

Package 3


  • Banner advertising
  • Social media promotion ( )
  • Advert in weekly newsletter

Package 4


  • Banner advertising
  • Social media promotion ( )
  • Advert in weekly newsletter
  • Feature article (also shared via )

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