Edinburgh Festival Fringe

No Edinburgh Fringe in 2020. We hope to be back in Scotland for August 2021!

Fringe commits to become climate change trailblazer

The organisers of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have vowed to turn the event into a trailblazer in tackling the climate crisis.

Brian Ferguson, The Scotsman, 21st December 2020

Fringe chiefs rule out full scale return until 2022

Organisers of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe have admitted it is unlikely to return any kind of normality until 2022 - amid fears that audiences are unwilling to pay to watch shows online and are suffering from "digital fatigue."

The Scotsman, 25th October 2020

Tim Key: when the Ashes & the Fringe aligned in 2005

The poet, comedian and actor takes on his generation's big one. And, yes, he is well aware of the responsibility.

Tim Key for Wisden Cricket Monthly, The Guardian, 30th September 2020

How Free EdFest brought comedy online

Alex Petty, who runs The Laughing Horse's Free Edinburgh Festival, said that the organization wanted to find a way of supporting performers during the pandemic by providing a way for them to make some money through donations, as well as giving them a platform for creative output.

Sooraj Shah, Forbes, 8th September 2020

Shedinburgh mows down the fringe

With the Edinburgh festival shelved by Covid, stand-ups have turned a garden shed into a stage for an online extravaganza. Brian Logan enjoys flashes of brilliance amid a dislocating experience.

Brian Logan, The Guardian, 4th September 2020

Looking beyond Fringe for signs of a brighter future

It remains to be seen what share of arts funding will find its way to comedy clubs.

Karen Koren, Edinburgh Evening News, 3rd September 2020

Steve Coogan reveals plans to stage Fringe comeback

Alan Partridge star Steve Coogan has revealed he wants to return to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with a new show - nearly 30 years after he shot to fame at the event.

Brian Ferguson, Edinburgh Evening News, 29th August 2020

The damaging ripple effect of the cancelled Fringe

Last year, 3,841 Edinburgh Fringe shows were performed across the space of a month. This year there were none. Isobel Lewis explores the impact of the loss of the Fringe.

Isobel Lewis, The Independent, 19th August 2020

Edinburgh Festival Fringe set for radical 2021 overhaul

A radical vision for the return of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe could see its programme cut in size by more than half, audiences encouraged to watch shows from the other side of the world and an end to performers being "priced out" of being able to afford to take part in the event.

The Scotsman, 14th August 2020

Are we witnessing the death of Scotland's comedy scene?

Crisis for the Arts as Covid-19 forces Scottish Arts Festivals to shut down for the first time since their creation. Fortunately, aid is on the way for some art forms, but is comedy being forgotten? And will this be the death knell of Scotland's comedy scene?

Andrew Cook, The EFC, 12th August 2020

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