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What it's really like to work on set

Day to day, I work in Production, which means I organise anything that is essential to the general making of the programme. It's logistics, basically.

Laughing Matter, 11th October 2018

How Outsiders was made

Darragh Mortell is one of the writers of Outsiders. He explains how this was his first experience of a writers' room, what that involved and why writers should embrace the opportunity.

Darragh Mortell, BBC, 10th October 2018

Huw Davies: Caught in the Tourist Trap

Over Spring 2018 BBC Writersroom Wales placed Welsh Writer Huw Davies with The Comedy Unit on their production, Tourist Trap.

BBC, 3rd October 2018

How we made The Bisexual

Katie Carpenter on the many hurdles faced in producing an authentic take on London life.

Broadcast, 8th October 2018

Can British comedy make a killing online?

A specialist comedy streaming platform is aiming for success in the UK and beyond.

Daniel Cooper, Engadget, 5th October 2018

Applications open for Caroline Aherne bursary

BBC Comedy commissioning in partnership with BBC Writersroom and BBC North are delighted to announce the Caroline Aherne Bursary 2018.

Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke, 5th October 2018