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BCG Pro Gag-a-Week

This is our weekly joke contest. BCG Pro subscribers are encouraged to submit a gag on a specified topic for a chance to win cash. The BCG Pro editors will pick their favourite from all submissions, with the winner receiving £10 cash and their joke shared with credit on British Comedy Guide's social media feeds and Monday email newsletter, reaching more than 150,000 comedy fans.

The judging is carried out 'blind', so there's no limit to the number of times you can win.

This week's topic...


Can you think of a good one-liner? If so, enter your gag below!

Deadline to submit: Sunday 30th January, 23:59

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Past winners

I'm a genius who invented a cloning machine. At least, that's what I keep telling myself.
Chris Ballard
My best trick was to convince the judge that I was foreman of the jury. I'm a conjuror.
Steve Blair
Jonny Rotten has a tree in his garden to hang all of his facial restraints on. It's his punky muzzle tree.
Ben Emmett
In 2022 I intend to keep everything in sharp focus, therefore my new year's resolution is going to be 1080p.
Chris Collyer
My friend Quinn is an Eskimo. I made him throw a housewarming party. Now he's homeless.
Marc Pinto
The BBC asked Brian Cox to host a political panel show, but he said one thing he would never do was Question Time.
Philip Simon
I've got a book about a German composer who beats people up. It's a hard Bach
Rob Smyth
I was once stuck in a twister inside a monsoon. It's not my favourite party game but at least I could browse the knitwear afterwards.
Matthew Smith
Monosyllabic teenagers are rebels without a clause.
Marc Pinto
Old age
I wasn't looking forward to Old Age, but whenever I see something New Age, it doesn't seem the worst choice after all...
Kamien Deane
I will be turned away from the campsite, because I was using the wrong tents.
Adam Shuman
When it comes to participating in Insulate Britain protests I tend to avoid public transport and stick to the roads.
Graham Parry
Why is it called Toulouse and not Deux Toilette?
Kyle Davies
A Shetland pony did a painting of my taxi. It's a horse drawn carriage.
Rob Smyth
My computer's so woke it's started using non-binary code.
Philip Simon
I don't like musicals, they're just a load of trash. Then again... I've only ever seen Stomp.
Chris Douch
The monarchy never goes on strike, but they do work to rule.
Mike Sheldon
The military
I'd never be a lieutenant. They just sit around in nightclub toilets giving out wet wipes and deodorant.
Nicky Roberts
I'm from a poor family, so we have no antiques. The oldest thing I'll be able to leave my kids is this joke - good luck son!
Kamien Deane
Death and funerals
My Father died a Hero. Fell into a vat of Cadbury's chocolate.
Graham Parry
My golf game is like my diet, it takes me a long time to venture near the greens.
Chris Collyer
The TV company sent an alien engineer to fix my aerial. Now I get extra terrestrial channels.
Chris Douch
The Olympics
Bruce Springsteen's daughter is show-jumping at the Olympics. I'm surprised. Thought she was born to run.
Marc Pinto
The police
Police can confirm that the world's slowest talking criminal has just finished a three-year sentence.
Carwyn Blayney
There's no social distancing in my church. Everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.
Liam Kelly
I bought a reduced-price Colin the Caterpillar birthday cake because it was going out of date. By the time I got it home, it had become a Colin the Cocoon cake.
James Docherty
I almost made it as a pro tennis player. I was unbeaten on grass but always failed the drug tests.
Chaz Hine
Ironically, "Doctors" is not appointment television.
Simon Wright
Marriage and weddings
My partner wanted to get married to make our relationship more secure. I suggested instead we used a mix of upper and lower-case letters and numbers.
James Docherty
Yorkshire hikers - they're always banging on about summit.
Hollie Wilson
Cartoon characters
There's a new Disney-themed witness protection scheme called Lie Low and Snitch.
Philip Simon
By the time I came off the M4 I'd been sharpened, highlighted and hole-punched. The traffic was stationery.
Nicky Roberts
The countryside
I always go to my mate Old McDonald to get my medicines. It's because he's a farmer, see?
Chris Collyer
An anonymous referee has leaked some stories to the press about FIFA. Sources have narrowed it down to a whistleblower.
Sean Fee
I tried to re-colour a worn out monk's robe, but old habits dye hard.
Rob Smyth
I'm so skint that when money goes into my account the bank alerts me to suspicious activity.
Alan O'Brien
Classical music
I write all my concertos in braille, so don't blame me if you can't feel the music.
Marc Pinto
I've just started spring cleaning. The mattress is done, just the slinky left to do...
Kamien Deane
I love shortbread but I'm always losing it in the toaster.
Hatty Hodgson
Jesus only lasted three days in lockdown and got a holiday in his honour. I lasted a year and got made redundant.
Sergio Cortes Allsopp
Those who do not learn the lessons of History are doomed to repeat it. Quite right. It took me three times to pass my GCSE.
Matthew Alford
Home renovations
I got stuck with cowboy builders. I refused to pay but they roped me in.
Hatty Hodgson
I'm constantly amazed at how big space is. It goes all the way from C to M on my keyboard.
Alex Buchanan
The jungle
I'd make a joke about tropical birds, but I don't want to parrot everyone else.
James Horscroft
Don't ever damage my German classical composers LP, because if you scratch my Bach, I'll scratch yours.
Rob Smyth
Warming winter food
I think hot, savoury liquid is soup-er... And that's just for starters.
Hannah Sowerby
Cold weather
Why can Chris Hemsworth never play in the snow? Because everywhere he goes there is a Thor.
Chris Collyer
The Tudors
Henry VIII was very kingly, but Shakespeare was even King Lear.
Harmony Hewlett
When a woman marries her best friend we call it romantic, but for a man it's called bestiality.
Dave Watt
Teaching is the most gruelling of professions, though porridge making comes a close second.
Maxine Jones
What do most people have in common with a cat's foot at this time of year? They're both feline paw.
Kamien Deane
I'd have written a gag about Trump but all I could think was 'orange' and that's such low hanging topical fruit.
Jaye Nolan
New year's resolutions
This year I'm giving up drinking, smoking and gambling. I would give up overeating as well, but I've already got a lot on my plate.
Jonny King
People talk about family values but I didn't get much for my Nan at Cash Converters.
Jack Kelly
Christmas dinner
People panic buying gravy for Christmas have caused the stock market to crash.
Matthew Wood
Christmas decorations
Why do anti-vaxxers get plastic Christmas trees? Because they don't believe in needles.
Jonny King
It's exhausting trying to find my wife in the department store. Starting to think I'd have more luck with online dating.
Chris Douch
I didn't think electric cars could handle all weathers until I test drove one in the rain. I was shocked.
Sarah Watson
I stopped going to the drive-in cinema. Too many spoilers.
Chris Douch
I wanted to buy a bike from a German composer but there were no Handel bars
Rob Smyth
The Moon
They say they found water on the moon's surface. I reckon that's lunar sea.
Chris Collyer
I have a bone to pick about the standard of this year's Halloween party. A skeleton staff organised it.
Martin Bickle
Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly are taking no risks with COVID this year. I've heard even the presenting team has a Tess Daly.
Matthew Mclane
Every November I choose a special day to buy cutlery for my close male friends, it's my guy forks night.
Sean Fee
The fish in my pond are hiding behind rocks. Or maybe they're just being koi.
Graham Parry
I saw a vet do stand up comedy once The jokes were fine but the put downs were heartbreaking
Steve Sunshine
My nan asked me if I'd like her to put on Cardi B the other day but I told her the one she was wearing was fine.
Matthew Mclane
When it's hot, suncream just isn't enough to stop me burning - as shown by my criminal record for arson.
Vincent Lynch
Cantaloupe is the best fruit to eat if you don't want to run away and get married.
Rob Smyth
Fractions at school. I understood them half the time, but the other three quarters were a complete mystery
Horror films
I've never understood why ugly people watch horror movies. Just look in the mirror
James Klonowski
It makes no sense how dissecting a frog in a lab is always 'for scientific purposes', but dissecting a frog anywhere else is 'wrong' or 'ruining the Christening'.
Bennet Kavanagh
When I said I was going to live the wildlife in 2020, I didn't realise it meant I'd be locked indoors and let out once a day to exercise.
Tom Dewar
Agony aunts
Agony Aunts are like every man working from home; they can't get enough of their own column.
Hollie Wilson
Hotel Chocolat: great suites.
Jimmy Young
I went to the hospital the other day and all the staff were linking arms and singing Auld Lang Syne. Turns out it was the Burns unit.
Matthew Mclane
The Victorians
I like to watch my old flame read Charles Dickens. It's great ex spectations.
Matthew Smith
Italian food/restaurants
I recently started collecting stickers of Italian food. I keep them in my panini album.
Chris Douch
Television dramas
I'm currently in a relationship with a make up artist. It's built on a strong foundation.
Sean Fee
My uncle always told me that carrots help you see in the dark, which is how he lost his job as a lighthouse keeper.
Jack Kelly
Every morning I get up and hate what I see in the mirror, but on the plus side the puzzles are good and it's cheaper than the guardian.
Jonny King
Public transport
Mandatory face masks on the Tube while deodorant remains optional - talk about victim blaming!
Will Cannon
Summer sun
I get so hot in the summer sun I can't even walk normally. Philip Flops
Philip Simon
I told my French girlfriend that I didn't like her dog. She took it on the chien.
Patrick Robinson
My dad enjoyed two things - making people laugh and DIY He always brought the house down
Mobile phones
I must say the Zoom app for my phone is a complete disappointment - I'm sticking with my telescope.
Alan O'Brien
Watching Netflix
I've been watching The Crown with my eyes closed. You might think that's odd, but I've done Stranger Things.
Garth ApThomas
Supermarket shopping during lockdown
If all it took was a deadly virus to keep people six feet away from me in the supermarket, I would have got into biological warfare way earlier
Bartek Calka


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