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Pitch Centre connects producers looking for projects with BCG Pro members who have great ideas for formats and/or scripts. This unique, custom-built, interactive system is exclusive to BCG Pro.

We all know the situation: production company websites with "no unsolicited scripts" messages on them, because producers don't want their inbox to be flooded in a disorganised fashion. Producers are actually still looking to find the next great idea though - and it is Pitch Centre that provides the easy and organised way to browse ideas and find the right project to pick-up.

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Find out more about how Pitch Centre can help you connect with producers, and actively add/manage your programme and project pitches here.

I'm a producer looking for a project

Pitch Centre can help introduce you and your colleagues to creative and funny people who have great ideas and material to show you. Locate your next hit project quickly and easily, for free.

Pitch Centre