Pitch Centre

Pitch Centre connects producers looking for projects with BCG Pro members who have great ideas for formats and/or scripts. This unique, custom-built, interactive system is exclusive to BCG Pro.

We all know the situation: production company websites plastered with "no unsolicited scripts" messages, because producers don't want their inbox to be flooded in a disorganised fashion. Producers are actually still looking to find the next great idea though - and it is Pitch Centre that provides them with the easy and organised way to browse ideas and find the right project to pick-up.

What is Pitch Centre?

Pitch Centre aims to connect you to producers.

TV and radio production companies can't accept unsolicited scripts, because opening the doors results in their inboxes overflowing. However, they're still keen to find the next great thing - and this directory of projects and ideas is the answer they've been looking for! They can browse in their own time, and use search filters to find the right project for them.

As a BCG Pro member, you can submit your ideas and material to Pitch Centre now. There's no limit to how many projects you can add.

How it works

  1. Register your project(s) in the Pitch Centre system: add scripts, videos, treatments, and whatever else helps explain your idea.
  2. Your project is logged, fully registered to you, and tracked within our system.
  3. Invited producers are able to securely log in and view the ideas registered in the Pitch Centre system, plus all documentation you've chosen to share with them.
  4. If your idea piques their interest, they can get in touch with you directly.

It's safe!

  • You can withdraw or amend your pitch(es) at any time.
  • Submission does not imply any obligation or contract, either with BCG Pro or any producer: you retain full ownership of your format.
  • Your project does not appear in public. Only reputable producers and production companies with proven track records can access Pitch Centre.
  • The producers given access are known for seeking new talent and collaborating with creators - there's no risk of idea theft.
Pitch Centre
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