Eventually covering all our skills areas - Writing, Performance and Production - the first of our comprehensive, exclusive BCG Pro tutorials can be found here.

Curated by the BCG team and compiled with the assistance of a variety of bona fide professionals, this unique learning content - available only to BCG Pro subscribers - aims to answer every possible question you might have in your ambition to create comedy.



Getting an agent

A step-by-step guide on how to get an agent to represent you in the comedy industry.

Finding a producer

We explain how you can find a producer to work with, and the methods to bypass those 'No Unsolicited Scripts' notices.


The Sketch Show. Image shows from L to R: Tim Vine, Kitty Flanagan, Lee Mack, Karen Taylor, Jim Tavaré
How to write great comedy sketches

An in-depth tutorial explaining how to write comedy sketches. Over 80 pages of advice, with optional tasks to complete.

How to format a script

A multi-page tutorial on how to format comedy scripts for the TV, radio and stage.

Documents and magnifying glass
Preparing to pitch

A walkthrough of the documents you may need to create as part of the pitching process.