Finding a producer


To get your comedy made and broadcast, you'll need to work with producers and production companies. In this tutorial we discuss the topic in detail, including how to attract the attention of producers in a world where it seems every website has a 'no unsolicited material' message on it.

Each BCG Pro Tutorial comprises a number of modules, each of which offers one or more topics (pages) in turn. Begin your journey by picking from the below.


  1. What do producers do?

    In this module we look at the role of producers and the different types of producers out there.

  2. Are you ready?

    Before you embark on the process of trying to link up with producers, you should check you're at the right stage.

  3. Your possible routes

    There's more than one way to link up with producers.

  4. Locating producers

    We discuss pro-actively finding the names of producers, to form a shortlist of people to contact.

  5. Contacting producers

    What's the best way to actually go about contacting the producers on your shortlist?

  6. Meeting up

    What happens next, once you've got a producer interested in you?

  7. Closing a deal

    We discuss option deals and working towards a commission.

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