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BCG Pro provides tools and services to UK comedy writers, performers and producers of all skill levels. If you take comedy seriously, BCG Pro is for you.

Exclusive news and features

Keep up-to-date with industry news, and absorb valuable advice and information from hundreds of articles, videos and podcasts across 20 subject areas.

BCG Pro Sessions

BCG Pro Sessions

We host exclusive Q&As via Zoom where comedy practitioners answer your questions live. Guests include top writers, producers, stand-ups and commissioners.



BCG Pro's exclusive Opportunities directory helps you find outlets for your creativity including jobs, competitions and learning events, whilst we also run exclusive contests with money-can't-buy prizes.

Talent Awards

Talent Awards

We run three Talent Awards across the year, helping up-and-coming production talent, performers and writers gain recognition and progress their careers.

Profile CV

Profile curation

BCG Profiles help the comedy industry find you and get to know you. With our Profile Editor you can add photos; expand your credits; curate videos and clippings; fill in biographical information; and more.



Find collaborators and make contacts via our Groups functionality, and attend members-only social events across the country.


In-depth tutorials

A range of exclusive tutorials provide in-depth guides to topics such as getting an agent and pitching to production companies.

Pitch Centre

Pitch Centre

A unique commissioning tool, Pitch Centre allows you to showcase your ideas to producers. Or, if you're a producer, find your next project to develop.


BlackBook databases

BCG Pro's unique BlackBook directories are the only place you can fully mine British Comedy Guide's multi-million record database. Gain unique insight and contacts for companies and people.

Business Insights

Industry data

Our Production Status and Commissioning suite of reports offer access to unrivalled datasets, tracking the current state of play across the broadcast comedy industry.

BCG Pro newsletter and email alerts

Briefing emails and alerts

BCG Pro members get access to email alerts. Subscribe to daily briefings, breaking news alerts, and get the latest opportunities as they arise.


Plus much more

BCG Pro is packed with content, tools and offers. In addition to the above, members receive discounts on courses, expert support and certain external competition entries; access to our consultation service; additional tools such as our Edinburgh Fringe control panel, and more.

Feature comparison

Starter BCG Pro
Features Yes Yes
BCG Pro Sessions Yes Yes
Tutorials Yes Yes
Expert Support Yes Yes
Pitch Centre Yes Yes
Networking Groups Yes Yes
Networking Events Yes Yes
Opportunities directory Yes Yes
Exclusive opportunities Yes Yes
Talent Awards Yes
Starter level
Daily Briefing email Yes Yes
Email alerts Yes Yes
Discounts Yes Yes
Production Status reports No Yes
Commissioning Reports No Yes
People Profile No Yes
Casebook interview No Yes
BlackBook: Companies No Yes
BlackBook: People No Yes
Edinburgh industry tracker No Yes

Any questions? Read our FAQs, and feel free to email us if we've not explained something!

What is BCG Pro?

BCG Pro is a collection of tools, services and content for writers, performers, producers, directors and anyone else who has an interest in creating comedy. BCG Pro is run by British Comedy Guide, which has been serving the UK comedy community with an unrivalled mix of news, content and competitions for almost two decades. With thousands of talented people working in this vibrant industry and more looking to join, we wanted to go one step further and provide an online platform where comedy creatives can kick-start, grow and maintain their professional careers.

Who can join BCG Pro?

Everyone! There are two tiers of membership: BCG Pro Starter is for those just starting out, and the main BCG Pro account option is for anyone eager to develop their career or already working full-time in comedy. There's also BCG Pro Business which is the same as the main BCG Pro offering, but is built with multi-user accounts and clients in mind: get in touch if this is you.

Why isn't BCG Pro free?

To cover the costs of building, running and constantly adding fantastic new content, tools and opportunities to the BCG Pro experience we need to charge all Pro members an annual fee, which we believe represents good value in return for knowledge and career and business opportunities. The main BCG site remains free to use.

What's the difference between BCG Pro Starter and BCG Pro?

The main BCG Pro subscription plan is aimed at creatives who have existing comedy credits and want to take a step up - perhaps turning a hobby into a full-time career, or following the industry closer so as to find more work. By contrast, BCG Pro Starter is a lighter offering for those setting out in comedy for the first time, and is focused around learning about comedy and key skills. We tailor each experience accordingly.

For a higher annual fee than Starter, BCG Pro subscribers gain access to our expansive BlackBook database and can create & curate their own professional, public-facing profile. The BCG Pro Talent Awards are also judged on a stricter criteria with more challenging finals for those on our main package, but with bigger rewards on offer too.

If you're not sure which level you're at, we recommend picking BCG Pro Starter and you can upgrade to the fuller BCG Pro plan when you're ready. If you've submitted to shows like DMs Are Open in the past or are gigging regularly on the live circuit, then the full BCG Pro plan is the one for you.

What's the difference between BCG Pro and BCG Pro Business?

Our Business accounts are designed with organisations in mind, including central invoicing for multiple end-user access, and access to custom tools and specialist features.

Can I grant my clients access?

Yes! For a small additional fee we can ensure that your clients have access to the benefits of BCG Pro too.

How does a BCG Pro subscription work?

Subscribing to BCG Pro couldn't be easier. Choose whether the Starter or our main offering is the best for you, then hit the 'Join now' button to be taken through the payment process. Your subscription will automatically renew after 12 months unless you opt to cancel. If you do opt to cancel, you can do so at any time via a button in your account - you'll retain access to all features until your pre-paid 12 months is up. Regrettably, it is not possible to offer refunds.

If you need multi-user access then please contact us with your requirements and we'll produce a bespoke quote for you. Payment can then be made via card, PayPal, cheque, or invoice (BACS).

Can I pay via cheque or BACS?

Debit/credit card and PayPal are the most easy and efficient methods of payment for a BCG Pro subscription - including cancellation and automatic rebilling each year - but if you'd rather pay us via cheque or bank transfer then please get in touch.

Can I change my subscription type?

Yes! You can move up or down between BCG Pro tiers at any time. If you upgrade, you'll be charged a percentage of the difference between your old and new plans, according to how long remains in your current year-long billing cycle. If you downgrade, your account will be credited against your next renewal(s) upon the same basis. When initiating any such change you'll be subject to the current promotional price for your new plan.

Can I buy BCG Pro as a gift?

Yes you can, you lovely person! Find out more

I see the prices have £25 knocked off at the moment...

Yes. If you subscribe to an annually billed plan we are currently offering a promotional discount of £25 per year, valid for the lifetime of your membership. I.e. whatever the full price is, you'll get £25 off it, every year, for as long as you remain subscribed. Nice!

Whilst we have no immediate plans to do so, please note that British Comedy Guide reserves the right to adjust prices in future. We will notify all subscribers of any changes to their plan before their subsequent rebilling date, giving you the chance to cancel if you wish. In such an event of a price rise, discounted subscribers will continue to receive the same amount of discount on the new plan price. It's a lifetime thing!

Can you tell me more about the Opportunities directory?

Our Opportunities directory is a one-stop shop for finding your next creative deadline. Listed opportunities might include the latest competition deadlines, free workshops taking place online, theatre companies calling for new writing submissions and production companies looking for staff, amongst much else. Our directory has search filters allowing you to help you find your next creative endeavour.

You can also set up email alerts to receive automatic notifcations when new opportunities are posted.

Does BCG Pro have exclusive opportunities?

Yes! We work hard to create opportunities for our members. Our exclusive schemes in the past have included the Sitcom Geeks Script Challenge, paid writing positions on a web sitcom series created and produced by Turtle Canyon Comedy, the Yellow Door Script Call (where three writers had their work optioned), a competition with a greetings card company whereby the finalists had their captions produced (with prize money and royalties), and the Baby Cow Programme Creator opportunity - where the production company picked their favourite shows to offer development advice to.

We also have a weekly joke writing competition, and the BCG Pro Talent Awards run across the year.

What are the BCG Pro Talent Awards?

The BCG Pro Talent Awards feature three categories: a sketch-writing competition, a performance contest (for those who perform on stage), and a prize for production (which has producers and directors in mind). All are judged initially through online submissions, with different prizes for BCG Pro Starter and BCG Pro members - six in total, so you're only ever competing against your peers. They run each year. The winners enjoy further exposure and mentoring opportunities.

What kind of features do you have?

As well as reporting on all the industry news and developments you might need to know to work in comedy, we maintain a growing library of informative content. Across written articles, podcasts and video content including live virtual Q&As, our plethora of features are designed to give you in-depth insights into different aspects of the UK's comedy industry, the vast majority of which is exclusive to BCG Pro. We analyse different aspects of comedy creativity and the challenges you may face at different stages of your career, whatever your discipline, and talk to expert practitioners across a similarly wide range of fields - from writers to casting directors, film-makers to stand-ups and everyone in-between.

Tell me more about your meet-ups and networking events...

We know that many creatives thrive when working with others, which is why you'll become a member of a ready-made community of your peers when you join BCG Pro. Our cross-country networking events provide a chance for you to meet and connect with like-minded people at a similar level in their careers, hear from a keynote speaker and enjoy an informal networking session.

What about tutorials?

BCG Pro's tutorials intend to walk you through key topics in easily digestible chunks, including practical tasks where applicable. With more launching each year, you can learn how to write a sketch and how to get an agent, amongst other things.

You also mentioned courses and expert support?

In conjunction with experienced, professional comedy tutors, we promote a range of courses, workshops and one-to-one support services. Whilst the directories of them are publicly accessible, BCG Pro members get a discount when booking.

What is Pitch Centre?

Pitch Centre aims to bring producers and those with ideas together. It's a way around all those "we don't accept unsolicited scripts" type messages: an organised way for producers to find and browse projects. If you're a creative, you can upload your ideas/scripts/treatments/whatever to Pitch Centre, and they will then be part of the database producers browse.

What makes BCG Pro BlackBook unique?

BlackBook is where subscribers on our main plan get exclusive access to our proprietary database, containing millions of records (added to daily), that will transform the way you research productions, companies and talent. Find the right company to pitch to, who works there, find contact details and more. Advanced filters allow you to search for exactly what you want with no fuss. The world's biggest dataset about British comedy, you won't find anything like this anywhere else on the web!

What is a People Profile?

Curate your own professional profile through our powerful control panel and let the world know who you are. Powering a public-facing People Profile in the British Comedy Guide People section (for example, stand-up comedian Sara Pascoe), this information is also the backbone of BCG Pro's talent-finding search functionality. The functionality includes:

  • Curating your list of credits
  • Recording representatives (e.g. agents) and contact details
  • Recording alternative names and misspellings
  • Adding social media and website links
  • Setting what types of role you're known for
  • Inputting location information
  • Entering detailed characteristics and vital statistics
  • Adding a biography, testimonials and award wins
  • Curating a gallery of photographs
  • Adding/editing/hiding videos and press clippings on your profile

What is a Comedy Casebook interview?

The BCG Pro Comedy Casebook is a pre-canned set of questions that you can opt to answer, automatically generating and publishing a feature interview page in your People Profile. Reveal to comedy fans and industry figures alike more about your background, skills, interests and motivations, and showcase your humour.

I need to manage multiple People Profiles pages. How do I do this?

We have built our Profile Editor tool with agents, managers and groups in mind, not just individuals. BCG Pro Business users can manage multiple Profiles through one account. N.B. There is a small admin fee for each Profile. Please do get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Don't have time to curate all your clients' Profiles yourself? You can email us all the information and we'll do the input work for you.

What is the Production Status report?

Production Status is a directory of detailed, in-depth breakdowns pertaining to the latest professional comedy projects in Britain. Find out what TV, radio, online shows and films are in development, and who is making them. More comprehensive than any other similar index, our records are updated seven days a week with the latest status data.

And Commissioning Reports...?

Covering television, radio and online comedy, Commissioning Reports offer a suite of unique tools to give you an unrivalled view of the commissioning landscape in British comedy. Discover which genres are popular, who is commissioning what and at what volume, the most active production companies, genre breakdowns and more besides. Analyse trends and spot opportunities with this unrivalled set of data.

What are your Edinburgh Fringe tools?

Our industry-leading Edinburgh Tracker is designed for those involved in staging or promoting shows at the Edinburgh Fringe; particularly publicists, agents, venues and promoters. Tailored to show your roster, during July and August it updates throughout the day with the latest press coverage your show(s) are getting, saving vital hours as we trawl well over 100 publications on your behalf for the latest news, reviews, interviews and more. It also includes reports to help you spot the hot shows, track competitors, and discover which publications are the most active.

If you're a performer putting on a show, meanwhile, you can reach out to us to control your show's listing on our dedicated Fringe mini-site, buy discounted advertising, pitch for editorial/promotional opportunities, and more.

Is that all?

No! There are other bits and pieces we've not mentioned in these FAQs yet: do have a browse around to see what else we are offering, such as a consultation service and you also get bonus questions on the weekly British Comedy Quiz to test your wider comedy knowledge.

Still got a question? Email us now!


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The lighter option, if you're just starting on your creative journey and still learning.



Our main plan: get access to powerful tools and great content.


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