British Comedy Guide

Exclusive Opportunities

BCG Pro offers a number of exclusive opportunities for work and experience each year. Below are the previous opportunities. We are working on arranging some new opportunities at the moment.


Baby Cow Programme Creator

This exciting opportunity offered the chance to pitch your programme treatment directly to acclaimed independent production company Baby Cow.

Yellow Door Script Call

A comedy writing competition sponsored by Yellow Door Productions, in which three winners were offered a script option deal.


A competition to think up a caption for a new birthday card. The winning designs went into production, and those involved won prize money, plus royalties on top.


This was a chance to join the writers' room of online channel Pulped, and be paid to come up with new comedy ideas for their channel.

Dave Cohen

A competition in which Dave Cohen judged individual scripted scenes from sitcom scripts.


This competition saw two BCG Pro members selected to join the writing team of online sitcom Content.

Sitcom Geeks

Run in conjunction with the Sitcom Geeks podcast, this contest involved the hosts reading the first ten pages of sitcoms written by BCG Pro subscribers.