How to format a script


If you're creating comedy for the TV, radio, stage or film you probably need to communicate your dialogue and instructions via a script. This tutorial walks you through how you should format your document, what it should and shouldn't include, and what tools you can use to make your life easier.

Each BCG Pro Tutorial comprises a number of modules, each of which offers one or more topics (pages) in turn. Begin your journey by picking from the below.


  1. Why?

    An explanation about why scripts are laid out the way they are.

  2. Software

    Computer programs can help with script formatting.

  3. Examples

    We look at some real scripts, to discuss the common attributes of them.

  4. Formatting a TV script

    Now into the nitty-gritty of how to apply formatting.

  5. Formatting a radio script

    Scripts aimed at the radio have a few different instructions to learn: discover GRAMS, ATMOS and FX.

  6. Advanced formatting

    Details on a few additional formatting conventions you might need, for advanced tasks.

  7. How much should I write?

    How many pages should your script be?

  8. Saving your script

    You'll need to export your script for others to read/use.

  9. Conclusion

    A reminder of the key to script writing.