Getting an agent


"Call my agent." It's a phrase many fledgling writers and performers long to use. But what is an agent? When do you need one? And when don't you? And, crucially, how do you get one? In this tutorial, we'll explain the hows and whys of agencies and agents - pulling back the curtain on an often confusing element of the comedy industry.

Each BCG Pro Tutorial comprises a number of modules, each of which offers one or more topics (pages) in turn. Begin your journey by picking from the below.


  1. What do agents do?

    There are a lot of misconceptions about what agents do and don't do, so we start with some explainer topics.

  2. Do you need an agent?

    Most comedy creatives want an agent: but wanting something is not the same as needing it.

  3. Finding an agent

    Ready to be represented? How do you find the right agent?

  4. Signing up

    Found an agent interested in signing you? What next?