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Kevin Bridges - The Overdue Catch-Up Live DVD

Released: Saturday 2nd December 2023

Kevin Bridges is back and funnier than ever with his hotly anticipated new show from his sold-out international live tour.

The Overdue Catch-Up welcomes audiences into the mind of one of the sharpest comedy talents the UK has to offer and features new updated material. With a career spanning an...

Jenna Wimshurst - Screwed Up, Slimmed Down: My Year Of Breaking Up And Breaking Down Paperback and eBook

Released: Friday 1st December 2023Jenna Wimshurst

A down-to-earth, darkly funny memoir about mental health, lesbian breakups, and guinea pigs.

Fans of Jenny Lawson and Samantha Irby will love this!

After waiting 32 years for her real life to begin, self-proclaimed 'fat, depressed lesbian' Jenna embarks on a year-long quest to completely change her life. Her life...

Mr Willow's Wife Audio Download

Released: Thursday 30th November 2023

Empty nester Felicity Willow tries to rekindle her marriage with hilarious consequences.

When her 13-year-old twins head off to boarding school, Felicity Willow decides it's time to reconnect with her husband, Paul. The years of childcare have taken their toll on the marriage and Felicity dives headfirst into trying to...

Stop The Press Audio Download

Released: Thursday 30th November 2023

Grant Stott is joined by team captains Jo Caulfield and Gary Robertson in the panel game that pits journalists against the people they're reporting on.

Hold the front page - it's Stop The Press, the comedy quiz where the points really matter! Recorded live in Edinburgh, each show sees well-known...

The World As We Know It Audio Download

Released: Thursday 30th November 2023

What if your ex was literally the last man on Earth? Meera Syal stars in this laugh-out-loud sitcom about surviving the apocalypse.

How would you start the first week of the rest of your life?

When housemates Donna, Johnny, Patrick and Abigail wake up on Saturday morning they are surprised...

Bernie Clifton - Crackerjack To Vegas Hardback

Released: Monday 27th November 2023Bernie Clifton

Growing up in wartime St. Helens (where a bomb missed his head by a few yards), Bernie began his career as a teenage singer with a local dance band. This was the first step on the long and winding road that took him to a Royal Variety Show where he...

Dad's Army - The Missing Episodes DVD

Released: Monday 27th November 2023

Between 1968 and 1977, the BBC broadcast 84 television episodes of Dad's Army. Across nine series and seven Christmas specials, the programme continues to be one of the most beloved of all British sitcoms. However, not every episode of Dad's Army still survives in its original format. Five episodes were...

Room 101 - Highlights From The Classic BBC Radio 5 Comedy Series Audio Download

Released: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Nick Hancock finds out what people, places and pop songs his celebrity guests would consign to oblivion.

Room 101 is the anti-Desert Island Discs. Instead of picking the tracks, books and luxuries they love, guests are invited to banish their least favourite things to Orwell's eponymous chamber of horrors. Twenty-seven...

The Carry On Girls Hardback and eBook

Released: Thursday 23rd November 2023Robert Ross and Gemma Ross

Far more than mere eye candy, these in-control, hard-working, and pioneering ladies were an early and earnest manifestation of Girl Power in the British film industry. This book provides an invaluable celebration of the highly talented and forever decorative screen sirens that bewitched Carry On heroes Sid James, Kenneth Connor,...

Jen Brister - The Optimist Audio Download and Download

Released: Tuesday 21st November 2023

If middle age has taught Jen Brister anything, it's that optimism does not come naturally to her. In fact it's fair to say that her cup is very much half empty and she's making no attempt to fill it.

Can Jen work against her natural instincts and finally see the...

Neil Forsyth - With My Head Held High: The Very Best Of Bob Servant Paperback

Released: Saturday 18th November 2023Neil Forsyth

Bob Servant has had an extraordinary life. Window cleaning legend, Cheeseburger Van Svengali, bestselling author, star of his own BBC radio show and television series and a genuine legend in his much-admired hometown of Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

And now, to mark his retirement from public life, [st=8050]With My Head Held...

Die Laughing!: The Dark Side Guide To Comedy Horror Movies Paperback

Released: Thursday 16th November 2023

Comedy and horror are both movie genres that seek to elicit an audible response from the viewer, and that's why they go together so well. The best horror comedies have you laughing out loud one moment and screaming the next. Like An American Werewolf In London, for example, or 2023's...

Share And Share Alike Audio Download

Released: Thursday 16th November 2023

Classic comedy from the writers of the Dad's Army radio series

Brothers Jack and Lesley Burrows are as different from each other as they can possibly be. After their mum passes away, there's a surprise at the reading of her will. An unexpected windfall has been left to them, but...

Werewolf Santa DVD

Released: Monday 13th November 2023

On Christmas Eve in a tranquil seaside town, chaos erupts as Santa Claus undergoes a startling transformation into a fearsome werewolf. Meanwhile, Lucy, struggling with her unpopular YouTube series Monster Hunters, captures this bizarre event on camera.

With only a rusty ice skate and her limited knowledge of werewolves amassed...

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