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Pirates Blu-ray, DVD and Download

Released: Monday 16th May 2022

New Year's Eve 1999. Cappo, Two Tonne and Kidda drive through London in their tiny Peugeot 205, pumping a live UK garage set from the stereo and arguing about their Avirex jackets and Naf Naf imports.

As the eighteen-year-olds step into adulthood they know their lives and friendships are on...

His Lordship Entertains - Episode 1 DVD

Released: Sunday 15th May 2022

Ronnie Barker's famous character Lord Rustless swapped channels from ITV for this short BBC sitcom set in a hotel.

Originally shown from colour videotape, those recordings were wiped. During ITV's Raiders Of The Lost Archives campaign in 2007 (which was run by Kaleidoscope) ITV were offered episode one of His...

Janey Godley - Nothing Left Unsaid Audiobook, Hardback and eBook

Released: Thursday 12th May 2022

GLASGOW, 2019. Sharon has rushed home at the news her mother has been admitted to hospital. It's clear Senga's life is coming to an end. As Sharon gathers family and friends together to say goodbye, Senga, as always, does things in her own mysterious way. She instructs Sharon to find...

Jimmy Carr - Before & Laughter Paperback

Released: Thursday 12th May 2022

Jimmy Carr: hilarious, successful and unmissable. At the top of his game, he is an award-winning comedian who consistently performs to sell-out arenas around the world. He's also, by his own admission, a happy guy. Yet it wasn't always like that.

Back when he was 25, Jimmy was in a...

Ali G Indahouse Blu-ray and DVD

Released: Monday 25th April 2022

The controversial and hilarious number one blockbuster. See the original superstar from Staines as you've never seen him before!

Assisted by his loyal crew, the West Staines Massiv and his girlfriend 'me Julie', Ali G emerges as the unlikeliest of heroes - he's invincible, insatiable, and of course irresistible to...

Days Of The Bagnold Summer Blu-ray and DVD

Released: Monday 25th April 2022

Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel, Days Of The Bagnold Summer is a funny yet sweet coming-of-age story about single motherhood and Metallica.

Daniel was supposed to spend the summer with his dad and his dad's new wife in Florida, but when his dad cancels the trip Daniel and...

Horrible Histories - Series Nine DVD

Released: Monday 25th April 2022

Return of the CBBC multi-award-winning series that presents a laugh out loud take on history, with all the horrible bits left in.

Based on the successful books by Terry Deary and sporting a hugely talented ensemble of comic actors and special guest stars, Horrible Histories puts the hilarity in history's...

One For The Road Blu-ray

Released: Monday 25th April 2022

Four men with little in common, other than their attendance of an alcohol rehabilitation course, bond over their love of booze at a nearby pub between sessions. Between pints and bouts of delusion and depression, three of the men hatch a plan to get money out of the fourth -...

Stanley Long's Adventures: A Seventies Sex Comedy Threesome Blu-ray

Released: Monday 25th April 2022

Once dubbed the 'King of Sexploitation' by the tabloid press, Stanley Long was the godfather of the British sex film. Starting out with 8mm striptease reels in the 1950s before moving into nudist documentaries, Long went on to produce and direct a string of extremely popular X-rated movies that told...

Holding DVD

Released: Monday 18th April 2022

Directed by Kathy Burke, the new television adaptation of Graham Norton's novel about a mystery in a quiet Irish village.

The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection DVD

Released: Monday 18th April 2022

A global byword for cinematic quality of a quintessentially British nature, for three decades Ealing Studios was a cherished and significant part of this country's home-grown film industry. The studio's output was more than the renowned 'Ealing comedies', however, covering everything from romances to historicals and sitcoms to satires.


The Witchfinder DVD

Released: Monday 18th April 2022

This brand new comedy from the writers of This Time With Alan Partridge sees a failing witchfinder (Tim Key) transporting a suspected witch (Daisy May Cooper) across 1640s East Anglia to a trial that could change his fortunes forever.

But his captive is the worst possible travel companion: an inquisitive,...

Geoff Norcott - Where Did I Go Right?: How The Left Lost Me Paperback

Released: Thursday 14th April 2022

"Voting Conservative is like buying a James Blunt album: loads of people have done it, but weirdly you never meet them..."

Comedian Geoff Norcott should have been Labour through and through. He grew up on a council estate, both of his parents were disabled, and his Dad was a union...

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