Can We Get On Now, Please?. Image shows from L to R: Mr. Chattle (Hugh Lloyd), Mr. Pettigrew, Clerk to the Justices (Hugh Paddick), Mrs. Prior J.P. (Sheila Steafel). Copyright: Granada Television.

Can We Get On Now, Please?

ITV sitcom about courtroom life. 6 episodes (1 series) in 1980. Stars Hugh Paddick, Sheila Steafel, Robert Dorning, Michael Barrington and others.

Can We Get On Now, Please?

Sitcom starring Hugh Paddick, Sheila Steafel and Robert Dorning about life working in the lower-rungs of the legal system

6   (1 series)
Hugh Paddick, Sheila Steafel, Robert Dorning, Michael Barrington, Charles Lamb and Valerie Phillips
Dennis Woolf
Eric Prytherch
Brian Armstrong

Justice must be seen to be done, and in some cases justice must seen to be believed - as in this comedy series which turns courtroom drama into courtroom farce.

The scene is a British small-town magistrates' court. No murders, treason or crimes of passion unfold before the Bench; instead the petty crimes of every day are exposed for the ludicrous episodes they so often are. A local council win their case, and then find themselves in the dock for a similar offence. The line-up of witnesses on another case includes six small dogs. Three charges of drunk and disorderly come up in quick succession one morning.

These are just some of the legal tangles to be sorted out by three long-suffering magistrates and their even more long-suffering clerk Pettigrew, who does his best to keep the course of justice running smoothly with the repeated, plaintive cry of "Can we get on now, please?"

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 2nd June 1980 on ITV at 8pm
Last new broadcast
Monday 7th July 1980 on ITV at 8pm
Length of episodes
25 minutes

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