Hamish Macbeth. Hamish Macbeth (Robert Carlyle)
Hamish Macbeth

Hamish Macbeth

  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC One
  • 1995 - 1997
  • 20 episodes (3 series)

Robert Carlyle stars as a policeman in a sleepy Highland village. Assisted by his terrier, Wee Jock, he has to deal with baffling mysteries and a complex love life. Also features Ralph Riach, Barbara Rafferty, Stuart McGugan, Jimmy Yuill, Stuart Davids and more.

Hamish Macbeth. Hamish Macbeth (Robert Carlyle)

Key details

Comedy Drama
1995 - 1997
20 (3 series)
M.C. Beaton
Robert Carlyle, Ralph Riach, Barbara Rafferty, Stuart McGugan, Jimmy Yuill, Stuart Davids, Brian Pettifer, Anne Lacey and more
Daniel Boyle
Nicholas Renton
Deirdre Keir, Charles Salmon, Andrea Calderwood, Trevor Davies and Scott Meek

Hamish Macbeth is the unambitious community copper in the dozy, eccentric-populated Highland village of Lochdubh. Laid back about most things (salmon poaching never exercises him, pub lock-ins are community events, pirate radio is a service not a felony, and he likes to smoke a bit of pot himself now and again), he nevertheless proves more than a handful for any prospective criminals.

Stories reflect the timeless, parochial nature of the village where key characters include Doc Brown, grocer Rory Campbell and the second-sighted TV John (so named for having the first set in the village).

However, Macbeth's best pal is his West Highland terrier, Wee Jock (real name Zippy) who, to much grief, does not survive the first series after a hit-and-run incident. Wee Jock Two (real name Fraoch, later replaced by Dex) is appointed for future episodes. Human love for the lawman comes from journalist Isobel and Alex, a former girlfriend.

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Single camera

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First broadcast
Sunday 26th March 1995 at 8pm on BBC One
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