Hamish Macbeth. Hamish Macbeth (Robert Carlyle)
Hamish Macbeth

Hamish Macbeth

  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC One
  • 1995 - 1997
  • 20 episodes (3 series)

Robert Carlyle stars as a policeman in a sleepy Highland village. Assisted by his terrier, Wee Jock, he has to deal with baffling mysteries and a complex love life. Also features Ralph Riach, Barbara Rafferty, Stuart McGugan, Jimmy Yuill, Stuart Davids and more.

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Key cast & crew credits

Robert Carlyle Hamish Macbeth
Ralph Riach TV John
Barbara Rafferty Agnes
Stuart McGugan Barney
Jimmy Yuill Lachlan (Series 1)
Stuart Davids Lachie Jnr
Brian Pettifer Rory
Anne Lacey Esme
Duncan Duff Doc Brown
David Ashton Maj. Roddy Maclean
Shirley Henderson Isobel
Billy Riddoch Lachlan (Series 2-3)
Sandy McDade Jean (Series 3)
Writing team
Daniel Boyle Writer
Dominic Minghella Script Editor (Series 1)
Ming Ho Script Editor (Series 2-3)
Production team
Nicholas Renton Director
Deirdre Keir Producer (Series 1-2)
Charles Salmon Producer (Series 3)
Andrea Calderwood Executive Producer
Trevor Davies Executive Producer
Scott Meek Executive Producer
Kevin Lester Editor
Zoe MacLeod Production Designer (Series 1)
Jim Grant Production Designer (Series 2)
Maurice Cain Production Designer (Series 3)
Julia Duff Casting Director
Fred Tammes Director of Photography
Mike O'Neill Costume Designer (Series 2)
Leigh Bellis Costume Designer (Series 3)
Barbara Southcott Make-up Designer
Robert McCann Make-up Designer (Series 1-2)
John Lunn Composer
M.C. Beaton Creator

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