Armstrong And Miller. Image shows from L to R: Ben Miller, Alexander Armstrong. Copyright: ABsoLuTeLy Productions.

Armstrong And Miller

Channel 4 and Comedy Central sketch show. 28 episodes (4 series), 1997 - 2001. Stars Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller and Sarah Alexander.

Armstrong And Miller

Sketch show starring double act Alexander Armstrong and Ben Miller, on Paramount Comedy and Channel 4

Sketch Show
1997 - 2001
Channel 4, Comedy Central
28   (4 series)
Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller and Sarah Alexander
Alexander Armstrong, Ben Miller, Bert Tyler-Moore, George Jeffrie, David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Michael McLeod and Aidan Hawkes

Subversive sketch show starring Ben Miller and Alexander Armstrong.

Includes spoof costume drama Brunswicke Park; Big Brother parody Bog Hose House; inept detectives Parsons and Lampkin; Norwegian heavy-metal band Strijka; an alcoholic Inspector Morse (plus Mr Chuffy); and Nude Practice, the much-admired Peak Practice spoof with a nude Sarah Alexander.

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