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Charlie Brooker's Election Wipe

Charlie Brooker's Election Wipe

Charlie Brooker looks at the 2015 General Election

Sketch Show
Charlie Brooker, Morgana Robinson, Diane Morgan, Al Campbell, Catriona Knox, Simon McCoy, Will Hutton and Robert Hazell
Charlie Brooker
Lorry Powles
Tom Corrigan, Matt Hulme and Sarah Mills

Fresh from the third series of his Weekly Wipe show, Charlie Brooker is to turn his attention to the 2015 general election in a 60 minute special.

As the nation prepares to take to the polling stations, Charlie Brooker's Election Wipe will bring viewers a summary of the good, the bad and the inevitable ugliness of the election campaign. In effect, Brooker will follow it so everyone else doesn't have to.

From cringeworthy bacon-sandwich related fails to TV debate triumphs, Charlie will despair, digest and digress over it all. But he won't be doing it on his own.

Alongside Morgana Robinson and Cassette Boy, Weekly Wipe's Philomena Cunk and Barry Shitpeas will impart their unique perspective on the politics, propaganda and party plans the nation is set to have rammed down its throat.

Charlie Brooker says: "At a time of great political uncertainty it'll be a honour to bring some much-needed confusion to the national debate. Since our show transmits in the run up to the election, it will have to adhere to strict impartiality rules - which means it will - by law - be equally disparaging to all parts of the political spectrum."

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Charlie Brooker's Wipes

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First broadcast
Wednesday 6th May 2015 on BBC Two at 9pm
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1 hour