2525. Image shows from L to R: Kieran Hodgson, Jamie Demetriou, Waen Shepherd, Catriona Knox, Jenny Bede. Copyright: John Stanley Productions


  • Radio sketch show
  • BBC Radio 4 Extra
  • 2013 - 2014
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

A radio sketch show examining every walk of life 500 years in the future. Stars Jenny Bede, Jamie Demetriou, Kieran Hodgson, Catriona Knox and Waen Shepherd

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Sketch Show
2013 - 2014
BBC Radio 4 Extra
6 (1 series)
Matt Lucas and Ashley Blaker
Jenny Bede, Jamie Demetriou, Kieran Hodgson, Catriona Knox and Waen Shepherd
Jon Hunter, Jane Lamacraft, John-Luke Roberts, Eddie Robson, Colin Birch, Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris
Ashley Blaker

2525 is a radio sketch show set entirely in the future. Taking its stylistic cue from Little Britain, every sketch is set a minimum of 500 years from now and introduces characters from every walk of life whether human, alien, computer, cyborg or mutation.

Alongside a commissioned writing team, 2525 invited non-commissioned writers to send in their sketches for consideration.

Sample characters include:

The futuristic talking-car who is used by his owner to undertake difficult jobs that he doesn't want to do himself such as split up with his girlfriend or visit sick relatives.

The Robocop-style female police-bot who still has to endure being patronised by the laddish men in the police department.

The landlord of a buy-to-let space-station who is constantly dropping-in to see if his young tenants are looking after it.

The couple of dinner party bores who never stop talking about how their quality of life has changed since they moved to Mars and how everyone else should go and live there as well.

The judgemental mutant who tries to use his powers to uphold truth and justice but who can't help himself laying into people he thinks just haven't been careful enough to watch where they are going and what they are doing.

The sentient kitchen appliances who, despite their awesome intelligence, just boil water and make toast. Frustrated, they spend their time gossiping and bitching.

A touchy mutant who has enormous hang ups about her physically peculiarity, especially compared to all the humans she works with. A conversation with her is a minefield as even saying the word 'I' will make her think you're poking fun at the multiple compound eyes she has on her 17 fingertips.

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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Monday 23rd December 2013 at 9am on BBC Radio 4 Extra
Most recent repeats
  • Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 10:30pm on Radio 4 Extra - Episode 6
  • Wednesday 16th May 2018 at 10:30pm on Radio 4 Extra - Episode 5
  • Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 10:30pm on Radio 4 Extra - Episode 4

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