Dry Rot. Image shows left to right: Flash Harry (Sid James), Alf Tubbe (Ronald Shiner). Credit: STUDIOCANAL
Dry Rot

Dry Rot

  • 1956 film

A bookie and his assistants attempt to recoup their losses by rigging a horse race. Stars Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix, Peggy Mount, Lee Patterson, Sid James and more.

Dry Rot. Image shows left to right: Alf Tubbe (Ronald Shiner), Flash Harry (Sid James), Fred Phipps (Brian Rix). Credit: STUDIOCANAL

Key details

Ronald Shiner, Brian Rix, Peggy Mount, Lee Patterson, Sid James, Joan Sims, Heather Sears, Michael Shepley and more
John Roy Chapman
Maurice Elvey
Jack Clayton

Turf accountant 'Honest' Alf has a nice little earner going, but when a punter makes a substantial win on an extremely unlikely horse race result, he and his right-hand men, Fred and 'Flash' Harry, have to go on the run - they're out of money and out of luck!

Needing to replenish their wallets, they plot to fix an upcoming race by replacing the dead cert winner with a lookalike horse who'll be knobbled to lose. Employing a down-on-his luck Canadian to keep up appearances as their secretary, the group check in to a small hotel run by an aged Colonel, his wife and daughter, and begin to make plans.

Unfortunately for Alf, their new horse double doesn't appear to be in the best of health, and Sweet Lavender's constitution is not helped by the lack of food that results from hiding out in a small establishment. If she's not healthy enough to win that's one thing, but she at least needs to be alive to make the swap!

Things go from bad to worse for the motley crew when the real horse's rider, Frenchman Monsieur Polignac, arrives, having booked a room for the week at the very same hotel. Compounded with Fred's monumental stupidity, the house's poor standard of repair, and the colonel's gun-happy, burglary-wary nature, and Alf and Flash have a real task on their hands just to get to race day!

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Additional details

UK certificate
85 minutes
UK release
Monday 24th December 1956

Independent Film Distributors

Romulus Films

British Lion

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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  • Tuesday 7th May 2024 at 10:15am on TPTV
  • Thursday 8th February 2024 at 10:50am on TPTV
  • Tuesday 7th November 2023 at 4:15am on TPTV

Recording details

  • Shepperton Studios

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