Spanish Fly. Image shows from L to R: Mike Scott (Leslie Phillips), Julie (Roswicha Honczar). Copyright: Impact Quadrant-Quadrant Films.

Spanish Fly

Spanish Fly. Image shows from L to R: Sir Percy de Courcy (Terry-Thomas), Mike Scott (Leslie Phillips). Copyright: Impact Quadrant-Quadrant Films.

Spanish Fly

Mediterranean comedy following businessman Mike Scott and former school-mate Sir Percy de Courcy, finding a way to flog some horrendous local wine

Peter James and Kent Walwin
Leslie Phillips, Terry-Thomas, Graham Armitage, Roswicha Honczar, Frank Thornton, Ramiro Oliveros, Andrea Allan, Sally Farmiloe and others
Robert Ryerson
Bob Kellett
Peter James, Gerald Flint-Shipman and Kent Walwin

On Minorca, expat and bounder Sir Percy de Courcy has long been living the Mediterranean high-life, despite a lack of income. Spotting a cunning wheeze to flog some cheap local wine, he buys up 100,000 gallons of the plonk - only to discover it's undrinkably vile.

Instructing butler Perkins to improve the product, he quickly mixes up some samples with added special ingredients. When an unintended ingredient accidentally ends up in one sample, it turns out to be a brilliant mistake. The awful plonk is turned into a thoroughly pleasant red, with some quite surprising aphrodisiac results!

By chance, arriving on the island is a former school-mate of Sir Percy's, Mike Scott. He's on business to oversee a photoshoot for the lingerie business he runs with his wife, and Courcy thinks he's the perfect chump to flog the wine to.

Mike takes a little bit of convincing, but once the wine's been re-bottled with the new ingredients mixed in, as a long-term sufferer of impotence he's quickly sold on the drink's positives!

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