#Instagirls4eva. Image shows from L to R: Fifi (Sadie Tonks), Millie (Natasha Santos), Bee (Samantha Spurgin).


YouTube sitcom about Instagram users. 8 episodes (2 series), 2018 - 2019. Stars Natasha Santos, Samantha Spurgin and Sadie Tonks.

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#Instagirls4eva. Image shows from L to R: Bee (Samantha Spurgin), Millie (Natasha Santos), Fifi (Sadie Tonks).


Online comedy series following three women trying to become famous via Instagram

2018 - 2019
8   (2 series)
Natasha Santos, Samantha Spurgin and Sadie Tonks
Natasha Santos
Natasha Santos and Samantha Spurgin
Samantha Spurgin

At the break of 2018 - Millie, Fifi and Bee spurred on by sweet Lambrini and Baileys decide to declare to the world that 2018 shall be their year they become Instagram famous, which of course may lead to them becoming the next queen - if only Harry wasn't taken.

Millie, the brains behind the operation, appoints new mum Bee and looks good in sportswear Fifi to join her in the world dominating venture.

Unfortunately their new year's dream was not to come to fruition - 2018 saw a failed crystal empire (which turned out to be meth from the local homeless lady)... A failed Business, it seems people are just not ready for Titty milk - let's blame it on Brexit... and a failed instagram presence, even with Fifi's less than authentic Australian accent.

But with the break of 2019, Millie has appointed herself as operations manager and is desperate to gain more followers than Kerry Katona. The contracts are signed, there's no going back... #INSTAGIRLS4EVA

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First broadcast
Monday 1st January 2018 on YouTube
Last new broadcast
Tuesday 13th August 2019 on YouTube

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