Millie Inbetween. Millie (Millie Innes). Copyright: The Foundation.

Millie Inbetween

CBBC sitcom about a girl who has divorced parents. 53 episodes (5 series), 2014 - 2018. Stars Millie Innes, Tallulah Greive, Hannah Jane Fox, James Bachman and others.

Series 2, Episode 1 is repeated on Saturday at 2:35pm.

Millie Inbetween. Image shows from L to R: Fran (Mya-Lecia Naylor), Jake (Marley Lockhart), Millie (Millie Innes), Lauren (Tallulah Greive), Craig (Theo Stevenson). Copyright: The Foundation.

Millie Inbetween

CBBC sitcom about a young girl and her sister whose parents have split up and found new partners

2014 - 2018
53   (5 series), plus 2 documentaries
Elaine Sperber and Gary Parker
Millie Innes, Tallulah Greive, Hannah Jane Fox, James Bachman, Richard Lumsden, Jeremy Edwards, Jaye Jacobs, Theo Stevenson and others
Gary Parker
Fraser MacDonald, Angie De Chastelai Smith, Diarmuid Goggins, Dez McCarthy, Terry Loane and Simon Hynd
Ali Bryer Carron, Fiona Keane and Josephine Ward

Family sitcom for CBBC. Poignant and funny in equal measure, the show tells the story of a young girl whose parents have split up.

Millie loves the upsides of her new family set-up - two chances to celebrate Christmas, two birthdays, and two bedrooms. However, the downsides are more tricky to come to terms with, as her parents start new relationships - those new partners have kids... and it looks like they all want to move in!

Production Details

Production company
Also known as
  • The Millie Show (Working title)
Filmed in Dumbarton.
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Wednesday 1st October 2014 on CBBC at 5pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 12th December 2018 on CBBC at 5pm
Upcoming repeats
  1. Series 2 Episode 1: Saturday at 2:35pm on CBBC
  2. Series 2 Episode 2: Saturday at 3:05pm on CBBC
  3. Series 2 Episode 3: Saturday at 3:30pm on CBBC
  4. Series 2 Episode 4: Saturday at 4pm on CBBC
  5. Series 2 Episode 6: Saturday at 4:25pm on CBBC
  6. Series 2 Episode 7: Saturday at 4:55pm on CBBC
  7. Series 2 Episode 8: Saturday at 5:20pm on CBBC
  8. Series 2 Episode 9: Sunday at 2:30pm on CBBC
  9. Series 2 Episode 10: Sunday at 2:55pm on CBBC
  10. Series 2 Episode 11: Sunday at 3:25pm on CBBCShow all repeats
  11. Series 2 Episode 12: Sunday at 3:50pm on CBBC
  12. Series 2 Episode 13: Sunday at 4:15pm on CBBC
  13. Series 2 Episode 14: Sunday at 4:45pm on CBBC
  14. Series 4 Episode 12: Monday at 7:55pm on CBBC