Breeze Block

  • TV comedy drama
  • BBC Choice
  • 2002
  • 6 episodes (1 series)

Comedy about the Breeze family who live in a tower block in Newcastle. Stars Tim Healy, Su Elliot, David Nellist, Alison Mac, Craig Heaney and more.

Key details

Comedy Drama
BBC Choice
6 (1 series)
Tim Healy, Su Elliot, David Nellist, Alison Mac, Craig Heaney, Berwick Kaler, Mark Benton, Jill Halfpenny and more
Ian Pattison
John Stroud
Stephen McCrum, Ian Pattison and Geoffrey Perkins

Set against the epic scenery of contemporary Newcastle, Breeze Block is a raw, down-to-earth, six part comedy drama about the lives and hopes of a working-class Geordie family who live in a downtrodden council estate.

The Breeze family are a tough-talking, no nonsense bunch determined to take life on the chin, no matter how hard it hits them. The series tells the gritty but witty story of how unemployment, depression and the day to day grind of family life affects each of them and their relationships with each other.

Since losing his job at the tank factory, times have been hard for Ralph Breeze (Tim Healy). His heart's in the right place but no-one's sure where his head is. He can't even make it out of the house anymore, and spends most of his days questioning his sanity. Despite being unemployed, Ralph's hands are constantly full, dealing with his dozy but loveable family.

His wife Iris (Su Elliott) would like a job in the supermarket but can't get the hang of the till; Eric (David Nellist) is their lazy, lippy, window-cleaning son who just can't stop getting into scrapes; Carol (Alison Mac) is their gorgeous but gobby 20-year-old daughter who's got all kinds of trouble with her letching fishmonger boss Mr. Shields (Mark Benton - Barbara) and their other son is sweet hearted 19 year old Billy (Craig Heaney), who's become a jigilo as it sure beats signing on.

Berwick Kaler provides some of the sharpest lines in the series as Uncle Tommy, who has an eye for Iris, a head for money making schemes, a mouth straight out of the gutter but a heart of gold which he keeps very well hidden.

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The theme is by the band The Way Out.

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First broadcast
Monday 4th March 2002 at 10:30pm on BBC Choice

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