Ability. Matt (Lee Ridley). Copyright: BBC.


BBC Radio 4 sitcom about a disabled man leaving home. 13 episodes, 2017 - 2021. Stars Lee Ridley, Allan Mustafa, Jason Lewis, Sammy Dobson and others.

Ability. Matt (Lee Ridley). Copyright: BBC.


Lost Voice Guy stars in this sitcom about a disabled man leaving home

2017 - 2021
BBC Radio 4
Lee Ridley, Allan Mustafa, Jason Lewis, Sammy Dobson, Lisa Hammond, Andrew Hayden-Smith and James Lailey
Lee Ridley, Katherine Jakeways, Kat Butterfield and Daniel Audritt
Jane Berthoud
Jane Berthoud

What happens when someone with cerebral palsy moves out from his parent's home and into his best friend's flat?

Lost Voice Guy has cerebral palsy and can only speak via a computer. Ability uses Lee's experiences of coping with this disability and weaves them into a sitcom.

Matt is leaving home for the first time to move in with Jess, his best friend from school. Matt's parents are worried; they have always done everything for him. But Matt is determined to find his independence - though his new carer, Bob, isn't quite what he expected.

Bob is new to caring, and although willing, he somehow manages to spend more time dealing weed and flogging knock-off TVs than cooking Matt's tea. But unlike some of Matt's previous carers, Bob treats Matt like an equal and the two form a bond.

However, it's a bond that could lead Matt into an awful lot of trouble - especially as Matt has never been above exploiting his circumstances if the situation arises. He's always known he could get away with murder (though he's never actually tried) because... well, who would suspect the disabled guy?

Could Matt and Bob become the new Del boy and Rodney? And if so, which is which?

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Theme tune is "Teenage Kicks" by the Undertones.
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Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 7th January 2017 on BBC Radio 4 at 11:30pm
Last new broadcast
Wednesday 3rd March 2021 on BBC Radio 4 at 11:30am
Length of episodes
30 minutes
Last repeat
Thursday 5th November 2020 at 5:30am on Radio 4 Extra