About A Boy. Image shows from L to R: Will Freeman (Hugh Grant), Marcus (Nicholas Hoult).

About A Boy

About A Boy. Image shows from L to R: Marcus (Nicholas Hoult), Will Freeman (Hugh Grant).

About A Boy

Film based on Nick Hornby's novel about a bittersweet friendship built up between a cynical, selfish man and a bullied 11 year old boy

Hugh Grant, Nicholas Hoult, Rachel Weisz, Victoria Smurfit, Toni Collette, Natalia Tena and Augustus Prew
Nick Hornby and Peter Hedges
Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz
Tim Bevan and Lynn Harris

Will is a thirty-something bachelor who spends his life luxuriating in the bliss of having nothing to do; Marcus is an 11 year old boy who is bullied and scared about his mum's mental health. Thrown together by a series of lies and scheming on Will's behalf, they build up a curious friendship.

From Marcus' influence, Will begins to change his ways and proves to everyone that he is not worthless.

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