Scot Squad: The Chief Does Edinburgh. Chief Cameron Miekelson (Jack Docherty). Copyright: The Comedy Unit.

Selling Scotland

BBC One Scotland comedy show about Scotland's most memorable ads. 1 episode in 2019. Stars Jack Docherty.

Selling Scotland

Jack Docherty looks back at Scotland's most memorable adverts

BBC One Scotland
Jack Docherty

From McEwans' Chinheads to Tennent's Caledonia and from Hamlet's famous Baldy Man to Knorrs 'Pea and ham, from a chicken?' Scotland's favourite ads have firmly fixed themselves into our collective memory.

In this fun yet revealing programme, Jack Docherty lifts the Scott's Porridge man's kilt and explore the nation's favourite adverts. Joining him on this entertaining delve through the advertising archives will be some of Scotland's funniest and most familiar faces.

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First broadcast
Tuesday 31st December 2019 on BBC One Scotland at 10pm
Episode length
1 hour
Last repeat
Wednesday 30th December 2020 at 9:30pm on BBC Scotland