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Very Important Person. Image shows from L to R: Sir Ernest Pease KBE FRS / Lt. Farrow, RN (James Robertson Justice), Jimmy Cooper (Leslie Phillips). Copyright: Independent Artists.

Very Important Person

1961 film spoofing stiff-upper-lipped war dramas, starring James Robertson Justice as a bombastic scientist who ends up in a PoW camp

James Robertson Justice, Vincent Ball, Ed Devereaux, Hugo De Vernier, Ian R. Parsons, John Herrington, Nancy Nevinson, Leslie Phillips and others
Jack Davies and Henry Blyth
Ken Annakin
Julian Wintle and Leslie Parkyn

Esteemed scientist and engineer Sir Earnest Farse is being honoured on television programme Memory Album when he is prompted to recall a somewhat eventful few months during the Second World War...

Sent on a top secret, undercover reconnaissance mission over Germany at the direct request of the War Cabinet, the Professor - then the Director of Applied Aeronautical Science at a high-tech research base - finds himself shot down and held by the Nazis at a PoW camp.

In the guise of Royal Navy Lieutenant Farrow, his presence, demeanour - and fluent German - initially raise his fellow captives' suspicions, but when a coded order from Churchill himself arrives insisting that Farrow be helped to escape as a priority, it's all hands on deck to assist the crotchety genius's plans.

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