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The Rank Organisation

Rank was - for the majority of the 20th Century - the largest film company in Britain. It ran production, owned film studios, operated distribution methods, owned hundreds of cinemas that exhibited its films, and more.

During the 1990s, its film library was sold to Carlton.

Notable archive productions

Medium Production Broadcaster Genre Summary
Film Follow A Star. Copyright: Rank Organisation. Follow A Star Film Norman Wisdom comedy about an aspiring pop star who finds his vocal talents exploited by a fading singer.
Film Jumping For Joy. Willie Joy (Frankie Howerd). Copyright: Rank Organisation. Jumping For Joy Film A new greyhound owner finds himself caught up between a doping gang and a crooked bookie.
Film London Town. London Town Film Musical comedy about a comedian awaiting his big break on the London stage.
Film Make Mine Mink. Major Rayne (Terry-Thomas). Make Mine Mink Film Comedy about a genteel, middle class group of misfits who become hobbyist thieves in aid of charity.
Film Passport To Pimlico. Image shows from L to R: Arthur Pemberton (Stanley Holloway), P.C. Spiller (Philip Stainton), Central European (Paul Demel). Copyright: Ealing Studios / STUDIOCANAL. Passport To Pimlico Film Ealing comedy about a legal discovery that leads the residents of Pimlico to declare themselves an independent nation, Burgundy.
Film Rooney. James Ignatius Rooney (John Gregson). Copyright: ITV Studios / Rank Organisation. Rooney Film Comedy about Rooney, a Gaelic sportsman and Dublin rubbish collector, and his landlady's family.
Film That Riviera Touch. That Riviera Touch Film Comedy starring Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise. The accident-prone duo escape to the French Riviera, only to become caught up in a crime sting.
Film The Beauty Jungle. Copyright: Rank Organisation / ITV Studios. The Beauty Jungle Film Comedy drama following a young woman who falls into the world of beauty contests.
Film The Big Money. Image shows from L to R: Gloria (Belinda Lee), Willie Frith (Ian Carmichael), Lady at The Royalty (Miriam Karlin). Copyright: Rank Organisation. The Big Money Film Comedy about a small-time thief who becomes caught up in a world of organised crime after stealing a suitcase stuffed with forged £1 notes.
Film The Intelligence Men. Copyright: Rank Organisation. The Intelligence Men Film Espionage spoof starring Morecambe and Wise as an MI5 agent and a lookalike, sent undercover in criminal organisation Schlecht.
Film The Lavender Hill Mob. Image shows from L to R: Holland (Alec Guinness), Pendlebury (Stanley Holloway). The Lavender Hill Mob Film An Ealing Studios comedy classic, The Lavender Hill Mob stars Alec Guinness & Stanley Holloway attempting to carry out the perfect crime.
Film The Magnificent Two. Image shows from L to R: Eric (Eric Morecambe), Ernie (Ernie Wise). The Magnificent Two Film Comedy film starring Morecambe & Wise as a pair of travelling salesmen who become entangled in a South American country's civil war.
Film The Naked Truth. Lord Mayley (Terry-Thomas). Copyright: Rank Organisation. The Naked Truth Film Comedy following a group of people being blackmailed by the editor of a gossip magazine.
Film Too Many Crooks. Image shows from L to R: Snowdrop (Bernard Bresslaw), Sid (Sid James), Fingers (George Cole), Whisper (Joe Melia), Charmaine (Vera Day). Copyright: Rank Organisation / ITV. Too Many Crooks Film Film about a gang of crooks who bungle every robbery they attempt so decide to try their hand at kidnapping instead.
Film Up In The World. Norman (Norman Wisdom). Up In The World Film Slapstick British comedy vehicle for Norman Wisdom about a window cleaner on a country estate who suffers the pranks of his employer's son.
Film Curtain Up. Image shows from L to R: Jerry Winterton (Michael Medwin), Avis (Joan Rice). Copyright: Rank Organisation / ITV Studios. Curtain Up Film A provincial theatre repertory company is thrown into disarray by a new play.
Film The Captain's Table. Image shows from L to R: Mrs. Judd (Peggy Cummins), Captain Albert Ebbs (John Gregson). Copyright: Rank Organisation / ITV Studios. The Captain's Table Film Captain Ebbs has finally been given command of a luxury liner. Unfortunately for him, he has a First Officer more concerned with women.

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Distributed films

Year Title
1989 Wilt
1986 Foreign Body
1985 Water
1985 The Girl In The Picture
1983 Yellowbeard
1979 The Lady Vanishes
1977 That's Carry On!
1976 Carry On England
1975 Carry On Behind
1974 Carry On Dick
1974 Soft Beds, Hard Battles
1973 Carry On Girls
1973 Father Dear Father
1973 Don't Just Lie There, Say Something!
1972 Carry On Matron
1972 Carry On Abroad
1972 That's Your Funeral
1971 Carry On Henry
1971 Carry On At Your Convenience
1971 Please Sir!
1970 Carry On Up The Jungle
1970 Carry On Loving
1969 Carry On Again Doctor
1969 Carry On Camping
1969 Some Girls Do
1968 Carry On Doctor
1968 Carry On... Up The Khyber
1968 Don't Look Now... We're Being Shot At!
1967 The Jokers
1967 Follow That Camel
1967 The Magnificent Two
1966 Don't Lose Your Head
1966 That Riviera Touch
1966 The Sandwich Man
1965 The Intelligence Men
1964 The Beauty Jungle
1964 Hot Enough For June
1964 Father Came Too!
1963 The Fast Lady
1962 A Pair Of Briefs
1961 Very Important Person
1961 Carry On Regardless
1960 Make Mine Mink
1960 The League Of Gentlemen
1959 Too Many Crooks
1959 The Captain's Table
1959 The Heart Of A Man
1958 The Big Money
1958 Bachelor Of Hearts
1958 Rooney
1958 The Square Peg
1957 The Naked Truth
1957 True As A Turtle
1957 Rockets Galore
1956 Who Done It?
1956 Jumping For Joy
1956 Up In The World
1955 Man Of The Moment
1955 Simon And Laura
1955 All For Mary
1955 Value For Money
1954 The Beachcomber
1953 Genevieve
1952 Penny Princess
1952 The Importance Of Being Earnest
1949 Stop Press Girl
1949 Fools Rush In
1946 School For Secrets
1944 Give Us The Moon
1943 The Gentle Sex
1937 Good Morning, Boys
1932 The Lucky Number
The Man Who Liked Funerals
Elis In Euroland
In The Doghouse
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