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Sarah Hadland.

Born To Dance

New TV sitcom in development. Stars Sarah Hadland.

New and in development. Details are liable to change.

Born To Dance

Sitcom pilot starring Sarah Hadland

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Sarah Hadland
Sarah Hadland and Richard Laxton
Richard Laxton

A mockumentary about a dance school created by Sarah Hadland and Richard Laxton.

Speaking in a newspaper interview, Hadland said: "It's basically all about the world of dance which I know very well because I trained as a dancer years and years ago. There are some huge characters and competitiveness and people who are failed performers. I'm fascinated by that."

She added: "It's multi character, so I'm playing four different characters. But it's not a sketch show. The pilot is improvised."

In a different interview she explained: "The main teacher is based on a choreographer I worked with years ago who was so aggressive and bitter. I found it fascinating; how people cope with failure."

The pilot was filmed in 2014. In 2017 Radio Times reported that the writers were "making progress" on writing a series.

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