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The Amazing Hattie Jacques: Larger Than Life

The Amazing Hattie Jacques: Larger Than Life

  • TV documentary
  • Channel 5
  • 2022
  • 1 episode

Feature-length documentary examining the work of Carry On star Hattie Jacques. Also features Robert Ross, Anita Harris, James King, Samira Ahmed, Andy Merriman and more.

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Channel 5
Robert Ross, Anita Harris, James King, Samira Ahmed, Andy Merriman, April Walker, John Paul Jacques, Sadia Azmat and more
Simon Harries, Steve McConville, James Baudouy, John Piper and Aimee Silverman

Hattie Jacques is one of Britain's best loved comic actors, and probably best known as the Queen of the Carry Ons. She starred in 13 of the famous comedy films, as a much-loved member of the ensemble cast, and on four occasions in the recurring role of Matron. She also co-starred with Eric Sykes in his long running sitcom, where the pair's bizarre escapades kept audiences howling with laughter.

Hattie had a colourful personal life. Her marriage to fellow actor John Le Mesurier was initially happy, but it ended in 1965 because of her affair with her driver John Schofield, who had moved into their family home. Hattie also found that in the material she performed, her weight was usually the butt of the joke. Privately she struggled with the idea that no-one would take a large woman seriously and, shortly before her death in 1980, expressed a desire to tackle a straight dramatic role, just to see if she could do it justice.

This documentary charts the highs and lows of Hattie's career, presenting her finest moments on screen alongside precious family archive. With contributions from Hattie's surviving family, friends, fans and co-stars, we get to know the real Hattie Jacques and celebrate all that she achieved, including her successes on radio alongside Tommy Handley and Tony Hancock, and her variety origins at London's Players Theatre.


Additional details

Also known as
  • The Unforgettable Hattie Jacques (Working title)

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 17th September 2022 at 8pm on Channel 5
Episode length
90 minutes

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