Rockets Galore

1957 British comedy film.

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Rockets Galore

Sequel to Whisky Galore! seeing Todday threatened by a giant missile base


This glorious sequel to Whisky Galore! sees the islanders of Todday once more at odds with the authorities from the mainland. The very future of the idyllic Hebridean Island is threatened when the government decides that Todday would be the ideal place to build a giant missile base.

Hugh Mander is sent from the mainland to compile a secret report on the island and its inhabitants. While there, he falls in love with Janet, the local schoolmistress, but he is soon exposed as a government spy! Hurt and humiliated, Janet now personally leads the islanders in a campaign to stop the missile base being built.

Production Details

92 minutes
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The Rank Organisation

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  1. Saturday 3rd July at 2pm on TPTV

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