A Fistful Of Fingers.

A Fistful Of Fingers

A Fistful Of Fingers

1994 film which spoofs spaghetti westerns. An extremely early example of director Edgar Wright's unimitable style

Sebastian Smith, Mark Sheffield, Graham Low, Oli van der Vijver, Nicola Stapleton, Martin Curtis, Neil Mullarkey, Dan Palmer and others
Edgar Wright
Edgar Wright
Daniel Figuero, Zygi Kamasa and Gareth Owen

Fear spreads through Somerset when The Man With No Name enters town; he is looking for money and has something to settle with The Squint. After losing his pantomime horse, 'Easy', the Man With No Name and his sidekick, the Red Indian Running Sore, go through a series of adventures to find The Squint.

After pretending to be nuns, they find themselves in the hands of two shady men (literally!). The Man With No Name eventually finds The Squint by organising a game of Kill or Be Killed.

The film ends with the Man With No Name discovering a lot about his family history.

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