Eskimo Nell. Image shows from L to R: Harris Tweedle (Christopher Timothy), Denis Morrison (Michael Armstrong), Benny U. Murdoch (Roy Kinnear). Copyright: Salon Productions.

Eskimo Nell

Eskimo Nell. Image shows from L to R: Harris Tweedle (Christopher Timothy), Denis Morrison (Michael Armstrong). Copyright: Salon Productions.

Eskimo Nell

Riotous comedy about the ambitions of a young film school graduate attempting to make his first film, a sex feature based on a bawdy 19th Century poem

Stanley Long
Roy Kinnear, Katy Manning, Anna Quayle, Christopher Timothy, Terence Edmond, Michael Armstrong, Stephen Riddle, Richard Caldicot and others
Michael Armstrong
Martin Campbell
Stanley Long

Freshly graduated from film school, young director Denis Morrison is downtrodden when he is roundly rejected by Soho's finest film companies. And then he spots small, independent producer BUM Pictures.

The proprietor, producer Benny U. Murdoch, hires Denis immediately, and asks him to recruit friends to help make the next BUM feature, based on a bawdy old 19th Century poem he's discovered, The Ballad of Eskimo Nell: it'll be hardcore, and it'll star his current girlfriend, Gladys.

Denis and an aspiring writer friend, Harris, are soon joining Benny as they try to drum up financial investment in the picture. The two industry newcomers are somewhat alarmed at their producer's tactics of seeming to promise binary opposites to everyone they meet, however.

Benny reassures the pair that all will be well as soon as the cheques are cashed: when he disappears with the money, Denis and Harris are left legally responsible for producing at least 3 separate movies - and without a single penny! Can they find a solution or do they face imminent imprisonment?

Production Details

UK certificate
90 minutes
Release date
Friday 17th January 1975

Eagle Films

Production company
Laugh track

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