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Sam Delaney's News Thing. Sam Delaney.

Sam Delaney's News Thing

Russia Today comedy show about politics. 116 episodes, 2015 - 2018. Stars Sam Delaney.

Episode 15 is repeated tomorrow at 10:25pm.

Sam Delaney's News Thing.

Sam Delaney's News Thing

Weekly comedy show on news channel Russia Today about politics. Hosted by Sam Delaney

2015 - 2018
Russia Today
Sam Delaney
Sam Delaney
Dino Charalambous
Leon Kay, Josh Cluderay, Ben Rigden and Kevin Curtis

With a flimsy grasp of the facts, but an iron grip on the chat, News Thing brings you the news that matters and the opinions that don't.

Hosted by journalist and author Sam Delaney, each weekly episode features a panel of top comedians, a clever political guest dragged kicking and screaming from their proper job and a load of other stuff to keep you abreast of all the big issues. You probably think it is the kind of satirical show that takes a "sideways" look at the news, but you're wrong. News Thing looks the news dead in the face, pulls its trousers down, and makes fun of its underpants in front of the whole playground.

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