Sam Delaney's News Thing. Sam Delaney.

Sam Delaney's News Thing

RT comedy show about politics. 123 episodes, 2015 - 2018. Stars Sam Delaney.

Press Clippings

Sam Delaney: my time as a host on Russia's RT TV

Sam Delaney's News Thing was an anarchic fixture on RT for two years. Then the novichok poisonings changed the mood.

Sam Delaney, The Guardian, 18th August 2018

Jesters For Putin: The comics breaking through on RT

For Victor Lewis-Smith, the comedian, producer, and regular contributor to Private Eye, putting his new show on RT, the channel formerly known as Russia Today was simple: "In recent years, mainstream broadcasters seem to have given up on investing in edgy and boundary- pushing satire."

Andrew Learmonth, Bella Caledonia, 5th January 2018