Sam Delaney's News Thing. Sam Delaney
Sam Delaney's News Thing

Sam Delaney's News Thing

  • TV comedy
  • RT
  • 2015 - 2018
  • 123 episodes

Weekly comedy show on news channel Russia Today about politics, hosted by Sam Delaney.

Video clips

Sid James explains the Conservatives

In this 1959 archive film, Sid James explains what it is that makes a Tory a Tory.

Norman and the Boxes finale

The heart-breaking final episode of much-loved BBC children's series Norman and the Boxes.

1987 Tory youth campaign

Check out the predecessor to Conservative grassroots youth movement Activate in this 1987 video promoting a Tory fan club known as 'Maggiez Matez'.

Jeremy Corbyn is not scruffy

Jeremy Corbyn is fed up of being called scruffy.

Nigel Farage answers Donald Trump questions

Nigel Farage has to remember some of Donald Trump's worst quotes in order to get into 'Trump Chums', the exclusive Donald Trump fan club.

Nigel Farage gets knighted

Nigel Farage gets a surprise as he's knighted by a little girl... who thinks he's a racist.

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