Alfie Darling. Image shows from L to R: Alfie Elkins (Alan Price), Fay (Joan Collins)
Alfie Darling

Alfie Darling

  • 1975 film

Comedy featuring Bill Naughton's legendary womaniser Alfie Elkins, who always pays a price for his philandering ways. Also features Alan Price, Jill Townsend, Joan Collins, Annie Ross, Hannah Gordon and more.

Alfie Darling. Image shows from L to R: Alfie Elkins (Alan Price), Norma (Sheila White). Copyright: STUDIOCANAL, EMI

Key details

Bill Naughton
Alan Price, Jill Townsend, Joan Collins, Annie Ross, Hannah Gordon, Sheila White, Paul Copley, Roger Lumont and more
Kenneth Hughes
Kenneth Hughes
Dugald Rankin

Alfie Elkins - made famous by Michael Caine in 1966's Alfie - returns in this new comic caper of habitual womanising, adapted from creator Bill Naughton's follow-up novel of the same name.

North-east lorry driver Alfie makes a comfortable living working alongside best mate and co-driver Bakey, traversing the UK and crossing to the continent on a regular basis, picking up an endless string of beautiful and thoroughly willing women along the way.

Travelling through France on one particular job, the pair find themselves overtaken by a blonde in a British-registered red sports car, and Alfie is immediately smitten. Bumping into her at a roadside café later the same day, he attempts a move but she makes very clear she couldn't be less interested. He consoles himself by engaging in an evidently regular encounter with the chef/owner's wife/waitress, Louise - and as she confesses her love and desire for the cargo casanova, he gets back on his way.

It is not long, however, before Alfie and Bakey again stumble upon the girl in the sports car - she divulges her name, Abby, and her profession working for a leading travel magazine, but again makes very clear she's not interested in his advances. But Alfie, it seems, is not one to take no for an answer...

Returning to London, Alfie is visited by charming neighbour Norma for an afternoon's lovemaking, before heading out to meet another regular sleeping partner, the well-to-do, well-spoken, happily married but unhappily fulfilled Fay; but it is clear that Abby has become a preoccupation in his mind, and he soon sets out to find her workplace!

Alfie calls at the magazine's office, but she again refuses his advances - if nothing else, she is a busy working woman with meetings across the UK to attend, and places much further afield to visit. Frustrated by the lack of even a single, simple dinner date he resolves to wait and follow her home in his own sports car, and amazingly for Alfie, a shared love of speed and the open road seems to prove the ice-breaker required.

However, the world of Alfie Elkins is guaranteed to never progress without a significant hitch, and if he thought getting Abby's attention in the first place was a struggle, he's got another think coming when it comes to any potential relationship.

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Additional details

...cockier than ever!
UK certificate
102 minutes
UK release
Sunday 20th April 1975
UK premiere
Thursday 6th March 1975, Universal Cinema, London


Camera set-up
Single camera

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Recording details

  • EMI Elstree Studios

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