The Love Match. Image shows from L to R: Bill Brown (Arthur Askey), Wally Binns (Glenn Melvyn). Copyright: Group 3 Productions
The Love Match

The Love Match

  • 1955 film

A train driver and his fireman seek a quick windfall when an incident at a football match sees them fined by the court. Stars Arthur Askey, Thora Hird, Glenn Melvyn, Robb Wilton, Shirley Eaton and more.

The Love Match. Image shows from L to R: Wally Binns (Glenn Melvyn), Bill Brown (Arthur Askey). Copyright: Group 3 Productions

Key details

Arthur Askey, Thora Hird, Glenn Melvyn, Robb Wilton, Shirley Eaton, James Kenney, Danny Ross, Anthea Askey and more
Glenn Melvyn and Geoffrey Orme
David Paltenchi
Maclean Rogers and John Baxter

City devotees and railway workers Bill, engine driver, and Wally, his fireman, run their train home at almost runaway speed to make sure they can get to the match in time, but all is in vain: they arrive to find the ground full.

Not willing to let this fact get the better of them, they sneak around the ground perimeter in search of a likely spot before managing to scale the wall and make it into the ground. Unfortunately, it really is jam-packed and although they weave their way to the very edge of the grass, there's little room to move. And that is when disaster strikes: Wally drops his lit cigarette down Bill's neck, who jumps in pain and shock and manages to fling the pie he is eating directly into the face of the referee, just feet away on the pitch!

Arrested by a vociferous policeman, they're soon up before the magistrate and - despite their best protestations - Bill is fined a princely £55 sum for the incident. There's only one place he can secure that amount of money: the railwaymen's holiday fund, of which he is treasurer!

Whilst Bill and Wally begin scrambling to find a way to replace the cash before any of their burly colleagues can discover it's missing, there are a host of domestic concerns to contend with. Bill's wife, Sal, has taken it upon herself to take a lodger in to the family home - and he turns out to have a very familiar face; their daughter, Rose, is a keen dancer and is due to take part in a major regional ballroom contest; and her younger brother, Percy, is a promising young footballer himself - but it doesn't look like it's City's eye he's about to catch!

Additional details

Full steam ahead for riotous rollicking fun with...
UK certificate
87 minutes
UK release
March 1955

British Lion

Camera set-up
Single camera
Black and white

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Recording details

  • Beaconsfield Studios
  • The Crescent (Southall) - Exterior of the Brown house (Link)

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