Look Into My Eyes. Archie Manners. Copyright: Objective Productions.

Look Into My Eyes

Channel 4 sketch show pilot about a comic magician-hypnotist. 1 pilot in 2015. Stars Archie Manners, Naomi Hefter, Anna Morris and David Haye.

Look Into My Eyes

Comedic prank show pilot following the talents of 21 year-old magician and hypnotist Archie Manners

Sketch Show
Channel 4
1 Pilot
Archie Manners, Naomi Hefter, Anna Morris and David Haye
Tommy Forbes and Atul Malhotra
Ben Jessop

Look Into My Eyes is a comedy show where 21 year-old magician and hypnotist Archie Manners uses his unique powers to bend the minds of celebrities and the great British public.

Hypnosis has the power to release latent abilities, unlock frustrations, cure addiction and remove chronic pain. Much better than that it can also be harnessed to make people do very funny things.

The warm and "devilishly funny" pilot episode showcases Archie's extraordinary skills to twist the minds of young Brits so they act in extraordinary ways; like hypnotise total strangers to only tell the truth on a first date; or cure peoples fear of heights through hypnosis, and to prove it's worked, bring them out of their trance at the top of a mountain... on a high wire!

Sometimes Archie's team of helpful actors are in on it, sometimes those they interact with have no idea what's going on, but the fun will all be captured for viewers at home through a series of pranks and stunts filmed both overtly and using hidden cameras.

And in this pilot episode we see if Archie's can take away the strength of one of the world's most feared men - former heavyweight champion David Haye.

"Once they've looked into his eyes it's incredible what Archie can make people do."

Production Details

Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Tuesday 22nd September 2015 on E4 at 10:30pm
Episode length
30 minutes
Last repeat
Saturday 26th September 2015 at 12:10am on E4