Down Among The Z Men. Image shows from L to R: Professor Osric Pureheart (Michael Bentine), Harry Jones (Harry Secombe).

Down Among The Z Men

Down Among The Z Men

The four original Goons star as Prof. Osric Pureheart misplaces a secret military formula

Michael Bentine, Harry Secombe, Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Carole Carr, Clifford Stanton, Andrew Timothy, Graham Stark and others
Jimmy Grafton and Francis Charles
Maclean Rogers
Edwin John Fancey

Shopkeeper's assistant Harry Jones is caught up in a whirlwind of crime when two crooks come looking for information.

They're trying to track down Professor Pureheart in order to relieve him of a top secret formula he's devised, and the gullible Jones is their best lead to locating the eccentric scientist.

However, MI5 are aware of the plot to steal the formula and hot on the crooks' trail. When the absent-minded Professor manages to lose the formula, undercover spies, Jones, the villains and a group of National Service recruits are all thrown into disarray. Can he remember where he wrote it in time?

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