Mr. Topaze. Mr. Topaze (Peter Sellers)
Mr. Topaze

Mr. Topaze

  • 1961 film

Comedy about a naively honest schoolteacher who finds himself a pawn in a corrupt business deal. Stars Peter Sellers, Nadia Gray, Herbert Lom, Leo McKern, Billie Whitelaw and more.

Mr. Topaze. Mr. Topaze (Peter Sellers)

Key details

Peter Sellers, Nadia Gray, Herbert Lom, Leo McKern, Billie Whitelaw, Michael Gough, Joan Sims, Joan Le Mesurier and more
Marcel Pagnol, Pierre Rouve and Johnny Speight
Peter Sellers and Kip Gowans
Pierre Rouve

Small-town schoolteacher Albert Topaze is - proverbially - dirt poor. But he is rich in morality and honesty, and this proves to be his downfall.

Mild-mannered and hopelessly in love with his colleague Ernestine, who is also the daughter of his school's stern headmaster, he is a pushover both to the students under his charge and to her, manipulating his affections to ease her own workload.

When he refuses a rich woman's insistence that her grandson's failing school marks must be incorrect, he finds his job hanging by a thread: each school place is charged at a premium, and she has more than one grandchild at the school, boosting the establishment's coffers. However, it is the headmaster's discovery of Albert's feelings for Ernestine that proves to be the tipping point, and he is summarily fired in disgrace.

Meanwhile, another local woman has her sights set on Topaze for a very different reason. Her partner is a crooked businessman and local government official, poised to sign off one of his own companies as supplier - under a lucrative new contract - of refuse services to Paris. For the scheme to pass, however, he needs a middle man to operate the waste company. Topaze could just be intelligent-yet-naive enough to be stooge in the high-yielding venture.

Additional details

UK certificate
97 minutes

20th Century Fox

Also known as
  • I Like Money (Foreign title)

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  • MGM-British Studios

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