What's Up Nurse
What's Up Nurse

What's Up Nurse

  • 1977 film

A newly qualified doctor hopes for a quiet town life in his first post, but is quickly caught up in all manner of entanglements. Stars Nicholas Field, Felicity Devonshire, John Le Mesurier, Graham Stark, Kate Williams and more.

What's Up Nurse. Image shows from L to R: Dr. Robert 'Sweeney' Todd (Nicholas Field), Olivia (Felicity Devonshire)

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Nicholas Field, Felicity Devonshire, John Le Mesurier, Graham Stark, Kate Williams, Angela Grant, Sheila Bernette, Ronnie Brody and more
Derek Ford
Derek Ford
Michael L. Green and Graham Stark

Newly qualified doctor Robert Todd is en route to his first posting, assisting the (currently sole) doctor, Ogden, at the quiet hospital of Banham on Sea.

Travelling to the small town by train, Todd finds himself catching the attention of an attractive young woman in the same carriage - and when she realises he's a doctor, she's keen to ask for his help with a very peculiar complaint. Unfortunately for the young doctor, her particular issue leads to an embarrassing incident that sees both of them carted off by ambulance: and arrive, of course, at Banham General!

Undertaking to find his new lodgings as soon as possible, Todd quickly comes across a succession of friendly - perhaps overly-persuasive - strangers; and fortune soon sees him back in his own ward as a patient again!

As Doctor Ogden is decidedly unimpressed with his junior's start, Robert sets to work - actual work - quickly. However, he's equally quick to discover a variety of eye-opening complaints pass through the hospital's doors, from a delusional man who believes he's swallowed a frog, to an awkward incident with a jam jar, and a woman with serious chest pains. Not to mention the peculiar porter and pretty nurses.

But if Dr Robert Todd thinks that's the worst Banham on Sea has to throw at him, he's got another think coming...

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Also known as
  • What's Up Nurse!
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Single camera

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  • Southend on Sea - Filmed on location

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