Richard Wilson.

Believe It!

BBC Radio 4 comedy giving a fictional Richard Wilson autobiograph. 15 episodes (4 series), 2012 - 2018. Stars Richard Wilson, David Tennant, John Sessions, Lewis Macleod and others.

Believe It!

Richard Wilson narrates his autobiography. However not all of his bizarre and revealing stories are actually true

2012 - 2018
BBC Radio 4
15   (4 series)
Richard Wilson, David Tennant, John Sessions, Lewis Macleod, Arabella Weir and Jane Slavin
Jon Canter
Clive Brill

Based on 'glimmers of truth', Believe It! is the bizarre, revealing and, most importantly, untrue celebrity radiography of Richard Wilson.

Celebrity autobiographies are everywhere. Richard Wilson has always said he'd never write one. Richard, however, narrates the series, weaving in and out of dramatised scenes from his fictional life story.

He plays a heavily exaggerated version of himself: a Scots actor and national treasure, unmarried, private, passionate about politics, theatre and Manchester United (all true), who's a confidant of the powerful and has survived childhood poverty, a drunken father, years of fruitless grind, too much success, monstrosity, addiction, charity work and fierce rivalry with Sean Connery and Ian McKellen (not true).

All the melodramatic staples of celebrity-autobiography are undercut by Richard's deadpan delivery.

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