Hooray For Holyrood!!.

Hooray For Holyrood!!

BBC Radio Scotland sitcom. 1 pilot in 2012. Stars Lewis Macleod, Viven Taylor, Alex MacDonald, Pete McGachy and David Magowan.

Hooray For Holyrood!!

Topical comedy pilot for BBC Radio Scotland following the adventures of a fictional version of First Minister Alex Salmond

BBC Radio Scotland
1 Pilot
Lewis Macleod, Viven Taylor, Alex MacDonald, Pete McGachy and David Magowan
Terry Newman and John McGlade
Malcolm Ramsay and Calum Deas

A comedy kick in the pants for the personalities that define the Scottish nation and its parliament. Larger than life satire - a fast-paced topical comedy that is part audio-strip cartoon, part barbed satire, part impressionist free-for-all.

Hooray For Holyrood!! provides a well warranted antidote to the self-obsessed, over-spending, media-fixated antics of the nation's high heid yins.

In the pilot episode First Minister, Alex Salmond, prepares for the new session of parliament along with his trusty aide, Hamish. Catching up on the events of the summer, they uncover a nasty problem for Alex when he finds he has an online troll. Who could it be? As they consider his friends and enemies they find there are more than enough suspects to grapple with. Can they uncover the culprit?

As Alex and Hamish investigate they encounter everything from ineptitude to downright idiocy as their journey takes them from the Labour Party HQ to Balamory. Along the way they meet, amongst others, Duncan Bannatyne, Sean Connery and the delightful Kirsty Young. A madcap chase through Scotland's cultural and political landscape.

Production Details

Production company
Recorded at The Hub in Glasgow on 20th August 2012.
Laugh track
Live audience

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Friday 7th September 2012 on BBC Radio Scotland at 1:45pm
Episode length
15 minutes