Hung Out. Image shows from L to R: James (James Shakeshaft), Alex (Alex McGettigan), Lucy (Lucy McCall), Dave (David L E Davis). Copyright: Channel K.

Hung Out

Hung Out

Comedy Lab pilot. A sitcom about a group of five friends in their twenties. The show is written by, and stars, a real group of friends

Channel 4
David L E Davis, James Shakeshaft, Alex McGettigan, Lucy McCall, Catherine Shepherd, Emily Bevan, Alexandra Hodges and Terry Budin-Jones
Maya Abrahams, Samuel Abrahams, David L E Davis, Lucy McCall, Alex McGettigan and James Shakeshaft
Samuel Abrahams
Sally Martin

Hung Out is a comedy about the etiquette of friendship and focuses on a group of close mates in their twenties living in London.

Dave and James, who live on one side of the street, decide to make a spreadsheet detailing everything they owe each other.

Meanwhile Lucy and Alex, who live opposite, fall out over what to do on Saturday night - a dinner party or going ice skating are the two choices.

Meanwhile a new lodger called Maya moves into Lucy and Alex's flat. She is soon questioning what she has walked into - the light in the bathroom never works, and Lucy keeps managing to inconvenience her life by being an assertive control freak.

Production Details

Part of

Channel 4's 2010 Comedy Lab Pilots

Production company
Laugh track

Broadcast details

First broadcast
Saturday 24th April 2010 on Channel 4 at 12:10am
Episode length
30 minutes

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