Hung Out. Image shows from L to R: James (James Shakeshaft), Alex (Alex McGettigan), Lucy (Lucy McCall), Dave (David L E Davis). Copyright: Channel K.

Hung Out

Hung Out

Comedy Lab pilot. A sitcom about a group of five friends in their twenties. The show is written by, and stars, a real group of friends

Channel 4
David L E Davis, James Shakeshaft, Alex McGettigan, Lucy McCall, Catherine Shepherd, Emily Bevan, Alexandra Hodges and Terry Budin-Jones
Maya Abrahams, Samuel Abrahams, David L E Davis, Lucy McCall, Alex McGettigan and James Shakeshaft
Samuel Abrahams
Sally Martin, Matt Tiller, Alan Marke and Jim Reid

Hung Out is a comedy about the etiquette of friendship and focuses on a group of close mates in their twenties living in London.

Dave and James, who live on one side of the street, decide to make a spreadsheet detailing everything they owe each other.

Meanwhile Lucy and Alex, who live opposite, fall out over what to do on Saturday night - a dinner party or going ice skating are the two choices.

Meanwhile a new lodger called Maya moves into Lucy and Alex's flat. She is soon questioning what she has walked into - the light in the bathroom never works, and Lucy keeps managing to inconvenience her life by being an assertive control freak.

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