Hung Out. Image shows from L to R: James (James Shakeshaft), Alex (Alex McGettigan), Lucy (Lucy McCall), Dave (David L E Davis). Copyright: Channel K
Hung Out

Hung Out

  • TV sitcom
  • Channel 4
  • 2010
  • 1 episode

Comedy Lab pilot. A sitcom about a group of five friends in their twenties. The show is written by, and stars, a real group of friends. Stars David L E Davis, James Shakeshaft, Alex McGettigan, Lucy McCall, Catherine Shepherd and more.

Press clippings

How we got a Channel 4 Comedy Lab show made

James Shakeshaft and David L E Davis managed to get their show, Hung Out, made by Channel 4's Comedy Lab. Here's how they did it...

James Shakeshaft and David L E Davis, Den Of Geek, 20th May 2010

Hung Out desperately wanted to be Peep Show, but lacked its quality. A house-share sitcom, its dialogue was realistic - but so much so that it wasn't always terribly funny.

Robert Epstein, The Independent, 25th April 2010

Hung Out is a house-share sitcom in which character and plot are substituted with that stoppy-starty Peep Show way of talking that only works in Peep Show because it is also brilliantly written.

The Guardian, 23rd April 2010

Comedy Lab: Hung Out review

There's a nice bundle of ideas sitting at the heart of the Hung Out. The best is not a million miles away from the thinking that fuelled My Name Is Earl, concerning two guys, James and Dave, who decide to come up with a spreadsheet to keep track of what one owes the other.

Simon Brew, Den Of Geek, 23rd April 2010

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